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The Collective is a technological organization located in Guernsey, called the Fintech company, having varieties of products. Collective has a community management office, assigned to particularly incubate and manage the Initial Token Offerings. Also running optimally in the Collective is the Community Development Exchange (CDEX), a global decentralized marketplace for Ethereum based tokens. TradeOne is also featured in the Collective, a strengthened and well build a platform for trading varieties of digital assets. The Collective is excited to announce the introduction of CollectiveGo game. This is powered by our traditional and revenue source through diverse digital currency.
It is with every sense of pride, the Collective is unveiling plans to also introduce the Collective Global Initiative has comprehensively put together our intrinsic value, even as we ingeniously combine the gig economy, create general best practices for the whole industry and protecting communities making adequate provision for secured outlet for everyone in cryto space to have fun with. Without any iota of doubt is poised to proffer the high all-encompassing solution concerning the market for launching a successful Initial Token Offering. We are very confident about this because of our special experience and ecosystem, as well as our good cutout partnership.


Providing high-value service
Ultra-responsive and diverse levels of support, education, community development, and engagement across multiple media channels.
Keeping clients informed in the latest market forces and news.
Adaptable services to any customer's requirement.
The Services.
The Collective community provides clients a broad range of services which are thus:

Community Development: This is of great importance to blockchain companies these days. We make possible a multi-platform, 24 hours, all the week support and management.

Social Media Awareness: The Collective enhances social media platforms of companies to reach out to many through an active and informative content stream.

Competition and Promos: The collection has vast knowledge in the management of competition, bounty programs, launch parties, and other viral opportunities.

White Paper Development: White paper is an imperative material used for presenting a vision or idea of a company. The Collective render services for white paper, including a review of existing one to new creation.

Crypto Expertise: This is a critical aspect in crypto technology, the collective team can adequately make provision for support to all levels of user. The team leads the pack by keeping tabs on all major industry trends and tools.

First Line Support: The Collective Team is the foremost point that gives huge backing for your company, creating an avenue for your team not to lose track of your deliverables.

Influence Network: the Collective sustains a relationship with leading industry voices providing clients access to this network of accredited influencer with pre-negotiation pricing advantages.

New User Monitoring: Consistently, the collective team oversees new users to maintain a conversation, due to the fact many do not stay glued to several online communities because they are bored about the interactions and content of these sites. However, getting the attention of the members of these sites from the onset, there is a great chance of keeping the people active and loyal for a lengthy period. Poor dealings with the members are tantamount to losing the members. The best step to take is to constantly look for user interest and activity status so as to timely content for conversation.

Measuring Your Community's Reaction and Response
As you desire to make community image appealing, there is a need to be dynamic in the handling of the blog and a host of other components. To know the true state of the community, active or dormant, we examine member's Mean Time to Response (MTTR) anytime they react yo discussions, event invitation, polls, and other queries.

Types of Crypto Exchanges
Crypto exchange has two of its types on the business space. The Collective ecosystem has to conveniently decide to pick any that suits them.

The types of Crypto exchange are:

Decentralized exchanges; like OX protocol, Waves, Dex, Ether Delta, IDEX, and Bitshare.

Centralized exchange; like Poloniex, Bittrex, Binance, Bitfinex, Huobi, and Kraken.

Introduction to Collective CDEX Exchange

Your Decentralized Option
A decentralized exchange represents a marketplace that can operate without a third-party in the keeping of every customer's fund. Due to the possibility of a peer-to-peer trade via a semi-automated process. The process of securing this space is due to the fact that it lacks a central server, gives room for one to operate as an unknown and the charges are low and not required to state one's country of registration.

Unique Security Advantage
The spate of phishing, malware and cyber attacks on notable exchanges; traders are very conscious about how secured a platform can be. For decentralized exchanges, has intrinsically beefed up security to resist various forms of attack that leads to loss of money as was the case of Mt. Gox who lost $470 million. Every user has access to private control of his or her fund in a decentralized exchange and there is no central point attack.

Free Listing For The Collective's Client
New companies in the space are confronted with a serious challenge of getting a listing that is if good worth. CDEX exchange provides a platform for inspiring companies that excelled the due diligence process to be listed at zero charges; unlike various exchange whose listing charges are expensive. CDEX's objective is to grant access to some of the best companies in our community.

The CDEX Trading Process

A user makes a new order by picking an ERC-20 token, the amount the ETH amount in return and whether it's a buy or sell order.
The system makes an order with a secured cryptographic hash
The system makes do of user's Etherum private key to sign the ordered hash.
The system assigns all of the verified order off-chain to await a trade.
When someone intends to trade against the order, a smart contract processes the order information.
The smart contract verifies the validity of the order's origin.
The smart content ascertains the order to know if it's expired or filled.
Funds are transferred.
Support Wallet

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CDEX's Vision: The collective team is aimed at placing the community at the helm of affairs concerning listing and liquidity rather than leaving the decision making to people with selfish interest.

The CollectiveGo Video Game
The influx of massive revenue into the gaming industry is mind-blowing; in billions of dollars. The more popular digital currency increase, the more opportunity to leverage loyal user base the game industry attracts. The CollectiveGo is a large video game that is been worked on. Having topnotch game developers around the globe to make highly sophisticated and thrilling experience for gamers.

Token Distribution

The Team

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