ICO: Storiqa, New Age Marketplace

#Storiqa is the first ICO I've seen where you can purchase with altcoins such as Ripple, Bitconnect Coins and Dash... This appears to be a crypto #amazon #alibaba #ebay I wish I caught in 2017 but still great bonuses in my opinion. Min investment is only $50. I'm not a financial advisor but I'll personally grab a few. #HODL https://tokensale.storiqa.com/?ref=7d65e4387db5fa26dc2df401



What can you buy on it?

There will be a marketplace with a number of stores similar to shopify, ebay or amazon. The stores aren't viewable yet but this is the whitepaper https://crowdsale.storiqa.com/static/docs/TS-white-paper-EN.pdf for more details

I see what do you think about whats going on with bitconnect?

The site being down that long is disturbing but I'm not panicked. I decided to diversify a bit more so I won't even feel the need to access the site daily.