Zouk ICO Complete? Lending at $5 per coin!

I invested in Zouk ICO last month and it ended earlier than the March deadline which is awesome in my opinion the platform is functioning great and user-friendly. The price of the coin is down like most in the cryptomarket but it is an ICO and it isn't reasonable to expect huge gains in days. Many people freaked after Davor crashed and sold as soon as the exchange allowed but everyone has choices. I will call the promo the black history month giveaway :-) since it's through the end of the month of February and all lenders get $5.00 per coin they invest in lending. So if you have a 1000 coins you paid $500 or less (depending on when you joined the ICO) but your lending value is $5,000. This is pretty huge if you ask me. The cash out value difference makes this bonus a bit confusing but this is a great way to obtain more coins while the coin is growing and the price is still low. I diversified and have a few coins I'm invested in and recently seen the light of ICO's and getting in early.

Screenshot 2018-02-08 18.49.04.png

Invest at your own risk but my thoughts from Bitconnect, USItech and the list goes on is to get in early. Buy low sell high is the game, happy investing.