FLETA A Unique Smart Contract Platform with multiple sources of income

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Decentralized applications (DApps) have great potential for extensive industry-disrupting capabilities. Currently, there is a race among top smart contract platforms in providing an ideal environment where DApps can take off.

FLETA is striving in this race to become the Google Android and Apple iOS of the blockchain market. To see how FLETA measures up, let’s look at a comparison between two heavy hitters in this same space: Ethereum and EOS.

FLETA provides developers with a blockchain platform that is far more flexible and affordable than Ethereum and EOS. The main differential points are:

A fast and secure consensus algorithm.
Developer friendly ecosystem.

FLETA’s new Proof-of-Formulation consensus algorithm consists of block generators (known as Formulators) that propose blocks to be appended on the blockchain. For each block that is successfully proposed, Formulators are rewarded in FLETA tokens for their work.

All FLETA token holders may serve as Formulators granted that they stake and lockup a certain amount FLETA tokens for a set period of time in a “Formulation Account”. When the requisite amount of FLETA tokens has been locked, they may join the network as a Formulator node and start generating blocks to earn FLETA coins.

FLETA tokens can be earned as block rewards.
As the lock of a certain amount of FLETA tokens is required to become a formulator node, FLETA’s block mining model provides a stabilizing effect to the number of tokens available on the market at any given time. The greater number of formulators that there are within the network results in more FLETA tokens being locked up, and this serves as a velocity and supply sink that helps stabilize the token price.

As more Formulators enter the network, rewards decrease as there will be less opportunities for generating new blocks. In addition to the mining rewards, formulators can also gain a higher return on investment through the increased value of FLETA tokens.

Network Transactions

A percentage of the fees from all of the transactions made throughout the network. Therefore, nodes who join the network early will be compensated with earning a higher percentage of total block rewards and transaction fees throughout the network.


FLETA is a global mainnet project with partners and network to include Europe (Malta, Switzerland, England, Poland, etc.), Asia (Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, etc.), Australia and America. FLETA has garnered global recognition through attending conferences and meetups in Europe and Asia and getting verification of their technology. In the first quarter of 2019 FLETA plans to launch their Beta Testnet and have it available to the public in order to have their technology further verified and inspected. Specifically, along with the opening of the Beta Testnet, FLETA will launch a DApp game that they developed in order to provide developers and everyday users a chance to directly experience FLETA’s service. FLETA is aiming to launch their mainnet in the second quarter of 2019 with the goal of fostering a sustainable DApp ecosystem.

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