A better way to mobile mine cryptocurrency?

in #cryptocurrency3 years ago

I'm looking for some opinions on mobile mining

What coins/tokens are you mining or do you recommend?
I want to mine a coin I can get excited about.
I'm not too concerned with value or liquidity today but it needs to have potential.

Currently, I'm mining Electroneum and JSEcoin 24hrs a day on the same phone (Samsung Galaxy Edge S8)

I make about 5 ETN's and about 80 JSE per day which at the moment is only a couple of cents.

To do this I have to keep the phone plugged in to make sure the display stays on and split the screen between the two. (JSEcoin only works when the browser tab is open) see image...


If your interested in doing some mobile mining with your spare phones yourself, here are my referral link to JSEcoin. Using this link won't have any effect on your mining or earnings but it will help me and I would really appreciate your support.



My Electroneum wallet address: