Mixin.one, decentralized technology without the blockchain

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I know that some of the platforms or ICOs are hard to understand, but without the underlying theory and technology, none of the benefits from bitcoin and other blockchain coins can come to reality. Mixin.one is a network, it is a platform that supports blockchain without the blockchain. They have Byzantine Fault Tolerance and DAG. Let me explain what I mean. Byzantine fault tolerance comes from Byzantine generals and it is one of the principals in decentralized structures, coming from Byzantine generals in a war, representing nodes in today’s computing. If one of the Byzantine generals fall or betray the others, this does not screw up the whole army, and the others can cover for the falling general and his army. In the decentralized structures, this means that if any of the servers or nodes screw up, the others can cover for that node. The other advantage Mixin.one has is the DAG structure, which is short for the Directed acyclic graph. DAG basically means that each transaction carries its own proof of work. It is a new competitor of the blockchain, and it is more decentralized. However, it works in a similar manner and they can work all in one nice happy place :) There are no miners or 51 percent attack chance, yet it is more decentralized such as in the case of IOTA and ByteBall.

What I especially like about this coin, other than its technology is that it has only a 1 million total supply. I would like to remind you that Bitcoin has 21 million coins in total. Usually, lower total supply translates into a higher price because there is not much to go around and the usual supply and demand rule. This means that there must be demand for the coin as well, but it is easier to achieve demand on a coin with only a million supply as opposed to something in billions. And to verify that, we can look at various market caps and see that there is a high demand, shooting its native coin, XIN’s price to an all-time high of over 2000 USD per coin. This was in January 2018 when it first came out and it has been moving along with the general market, but the coin still has a lot of upward potentials. I believe with the bull market, they have a good chance to go back up these prices because the team has been working hard and they have great technical advantages.

One of the signs of a good platform is their Twitter. A lot of research has shown that any ICO that there is a direct link between a platform’s Twitter activity and its success. Many ICO platforms stop tweeting or communicating with their community once they collect the money and focus on the tech. This has been shown to really decrease the price of the token or the coin. A study showed that ICOs with no Twitter activity five months after they end report a hundred percent failure rate. Platforms with longer Twitter activity and a successful token sale, however, tend to do very well.

Website: https://mixin.one/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mixin_Network
Telegram: https://t.co/4bzO5xeu2C

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