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How do you like that guy in a field painting Pavo Logo?

Pavo is a cryptocurrency based platform for the agricultural ecosystem, and they want to increase crop yield and quality, also increasing sustainability. Their headquarters are in Switzerland, and they have an office in San Francisco, California. The platform is already working on farms in Turkey and California. Their app for Android is on the Google play store, which separates them from other ICOs as they have their product ready and some people have already been using it:
In the future, new functions and services will be added, and there will be an expansion to new countries and regions. They want to increase the yield for farmers, increasing their revenue, and getting food to customers with lower costs, lowering the food prices. The platform wants to do this using blockchain and thus decrease the overhead costs for everyone. One advantage of the blockchain is that the farmers will be able to get their cash sooner compared to other systems, and this helps them pay their debt sooner. The smart contracts make sure that nobody can get out of their obligations because they cannot be changed. The payments, the smart contracts, and other things on the blockchain cannot be changed, hacked, or manipulated in any way. This ensures the sustainability of the system, in addition to the sustainability of the agriculture we all talk about all the time.
The app itself is very useful and here is a video that explains the app and how it is used by an almond farmer:

Forecasts coming out of the United Nations that is that say as early as 2027 and they state that by 2027, we could be facing a global 214 trillion calorie deficit. By 2050, we will need 70 percent more food compared to today to feed about 9 billion people. The blockchain technology and IOT will help reduce the costs down, but there is also the fact that with the rise of organic farming, people want to know more about the chronology of the ownership of their food all the way from the seed to the field of the indoor farm through the distribution chain to the point of purchase where they buy it. Blockchain will help everyone get that since it uses a public ledger.

The platform basically collects real-time data on the field using sensors and help the farmers make decisions to increase the yield and quality. These sensors include but are not excluded to humidity, air temperature, soil moisture, pH content, conductivity and carbon dioxide content. They have more sensors coming online and the numbers coming out of these sensors will help the farmers reach conclusions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning suggestions. In other words, the latest technological advancements will be used to evaluate the sensor data and the farmers will be presented with different options, all they have to do is select among these simple options to increase their yield and quality. What is good for the farmer is what is good for the customer!


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