Verasity, the Future of Online Video

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We all know that the cryptomarket is full of bears in the Summer of 2018, and everyone complains about not collecting any money. With these conditions, I usually look at the icodrops website and see which ICO collected most money. Verasity piqued my interest because I saw they collected about 77 percent of their intended money, which is about 20 million USD. This is a very large amount of money and I have not seen any ICO fail once they collect this much. I asked them about this in Telegram and they said they already sold 2,553,657,355 VRA. Looking at this is about correct and adds up to about 20 million USD. But, enough about money. Here is a nice picture I made for them, the decentralized video platform.

Because decentralized video sharing is a great idea, many ICOs have tried it and failed. However, it looks like this platform is gonna make it because they already have these great partnerships with relevant institutions. For example, Verasity now has a partnership with Amazon Web Services:
They were featured in Forbes magazine as one of the 5 startups rebuilding the internet:
DADI, the start-up building a ‘decentralized architecture for a democratic internet’ was also featured in this Forbes article, and these two are combining their powers. This is what I call “hybrid vigor” as a geneticist and the baby will have a superior power compared to both parents. The platform already announced their listings in an exchange at The last time I saw an ICO announce an exchange before the ICO was over was with and you can search Google to see how successful they are. This gives me great hope that investors putting their money down for Verasity will be quite happy.
Here is a short and sweet video explaining Verasity:

The company will help democratize the video industry, and now paying the viewers, instead of the other way around. To be honest, I would like to get paid for watching stuff and I am sure there are many others who would not mind such a thing. I am pretty sure Universal Basic Income ideas come to mind and I am very pleased that we are approaching what Star Trek has foreseen, a future where people do not have to work for money, but they work to better themselves and the society. Of course, the money will always be the driving force, but I cannot help but think that at least we may get rid of poverty and keep human dignity intact. You want to spend your time watching shows? There you go, you can make your income doing that. You want to produce some content, you have something to say or sing, there you go, you are free to do it, there is no middleman anymore.
Verasity will decentralize the video industry but will help the viewers and content producers more. Welcome to the future of video with Verasity, which I support with all my heart!

Their Website:

Let's Connect:;u=1114493


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