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I discovered the Kiwibot and decided to write a post about it.

Kiwibot is an upvote service that provides upvotes to the subscribers of the KiwiCommunity. The mission for the KiwiCommunity is to support minnows creating quality content and providing them with upvotes, exposure, and a list of entertaining blogs. The owner is @kiwijuce3 and the other team members are @shunnedscarab55 and @pixelyion.

How to subscribe to the KiwiCommunity?

The KiwiCommunity has 3 tiers of subscriptions.

Tier 1

A normal subscription providing 1 KiwiVote / day for a month.

Send 1 SBD or 1 Steem to @kiwibot with the memo "normal" to subscribe.

Tier 2

A 2day subscription providing 2 KiwiVotes / day for a month.

Send 2 SBD or 2 Steem to @kiwibot with the memo "2day" to subscribe.

Tier 3

A 2perpost subscription providing 1 Kiwivote / day (2x as large as normal upvote per post).

Send 2 SBD or 2 Steem to @kiwibot with the memo "2perpost" to subscribe.


@CurationKiwi is a bot to further support the KiwiCommunity by providing free upvotes to anyone who joins the KiwiCommunity Discord channel here and use the !upvote (post URL) command in the #curationkiwi room. @CurationKiwi offers 5x as large upvotes to those who are subscribed to the KiwiCommunity.

@CurationKiwi has a whitelist for those who want to receive 5x as large upvotes and have their post submitted to bid bots. To join the whitelist, follow @kiwibot on Steem Auto fanbase here with a 100 % upvote or up to 0.04 $ upvote.

To support @CurationKiwi, feel free to join the curation trail here.


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You got voted by @curationkiwi thanks to rocketblog! This bot is managed by @KiwiBot and run by @rishi556, you can check both of them out there. To receive maximum rewards, you must be a member of @KiwiBot. To receive free upvotes for yourself (even if you are not a member) you can join the KiwiBot Discord linked here and use the command !upvote (post name) in #curationkiwi.

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