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This was the very first EOS meetup in Austin and the turnout was huge! I learned a lot and met some cool people. Thanks to James for hosting it.

Thomas Cox from block.one and Sam Kazemian of Everipedia joined us via webcam to talk about their projects.

I filmed this for people who couldn't make it out there as well as people who wanted to have a copy of the talks. I hope it helps. Looking forward to the next one.


Thanks @ruwan for attending and recording this for those who couldn't make it.

I won't say I understood everything discussed, but it sounds like there's a lot of bright minds working in the EOS world, and this project / coin has great potential.

I attended this event. Everipedia certainly seems like an interesting project, and I can see why consumer focused Dapps will be created on the platform. With that being said I have some serious concerns about the actual EOS.IO token, and why they have raised over $1 billion yet can't find developers to build on the platform. Im not going to lie, some of the Thomas Cox answers in regards to the token itself were a bit sketchy in my personal opinion. Im not going to drink all the kool-aid just yet.

I think it's always wise to be skeptical of new blockchain projects but block.one and EOS over the course of last year has shown that they are working on a real product.

I think like most other cryptos once the main net is up people will develop on top of it and the 1 billion dollars will help accelerate that growth. At the moment only the early adopters are working on the testnet.

Which of Thomas Cox's answers seemed sketchy? He seemed pretty transparent to me. You could contact him directly for clarification as well.

Visit these places for people working on EOS:

I tend to agree with the question asked at minute mark 31:20, and the subsequent answer of "were going to take as much money as the community gives us, and for all we know these could be doge coins" wasn't Thomas's best moment, although for the majority I agree he was a transparent cool guy.

I think this was a really awesome event btw, and look forward to attending additional ones you & James are able to put together. I just thought that remark in particular was a bit odd.

Additionally, maybe I am missing something, but there is a token sale going on, yet anyone can long onto Binance, etc. and purchase EOS tokens right this moment. Does this mean if someone were to be holding EOS tokens on those exchanges they need to be mindful of the ERC-20 Token Swap set for June. I am a bit lost on that as well.

I didn't like the dogecoin comment either, but from the beginning they have been light on promises and heavy on behind the scenes work. To raise a billion dollars without a finished product is only possible because of the respect that people have for Dan Larimer imo. I am confident that he along with block.one is creating the scaling solution that crypto needs and apparently so are a lot of other people.

That is correct. They will need to be registered where you can hold your private key. There are guides on steemit that show how to do that with Mew or Metamask and the eos.io distribution app. I expect more info and guides to come out as the date approaches.

I think he wanted to inject a little humor in there with the doge coin comment and mention that the value is really from what the community believes in the project.

Also I had no part in putting the event together. All credit should be given to James for that.

As Richard mentioned you do need to register your tokens if you purchase on an exchange.

This is one of the best videos I've seen about the EOS platform.

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