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Casinolize is an online gambling platform on the crypto-market that seeks to make online gambling frictionless and seamless as desired by all online gamblers across the globe.

Currently, online gamblers are faced with innumerable setbacks which are increasingly causing distaste in services provided by most online gambling platforms. In response to online gamblers complaints, and the desire to make online gambling more appealing, Casinolize emerges with a cryptocurrency-based solution that gives both gamblers and other gambling platforms in the crypto-market the chance to benefit enormously from online gambling.

To make online gambling frictionless and seamless as possible, Casinolize intends to leverage blockchain technology to develop both a decentralized currency and an online gambling platform that will address the needs of gamblers and make online gambling more attractive.


Features of Casinolize currency
1.Ethereum-based cryptocurrency
Casinolize cryptocurrency, CLZ is an Ethereum based currency, designed purposely for gambling on Casinolize decentralized platform and any other gambling platforms on the crypto-market.

2.Multipurpose and Cross-platform usage.
Unlike other crypto-currencies used by gamblers for online gambling on different online gambling platform, CLZ gives gamblers the opportunity to safely and steadily par-take in multiple gambling opportunities that exist in different gambling platforms across the crypto market.

Apart from the above mentioned benefit that CLZ gives gamblers, CLZ is expected to reduce process time, computing resources and transaction fees associated with successful gambling experience.


Features of Casinolize online gambling platform
1.Easy onboarding
Casinolize has made its on-boarding process really frictionless for all interested online gamblers. In just a minute, a prospective client can easily Sign up on Casinolize platform with so much easy and convenience.

2.Fast and secure deposit and withdrawal
With the help of Ethereum blockchain technology and smart contract, gamblers are expected to face no issues with depositing and withdrawal of funds from Casinolize platform and any other gambling platform in the crypto market, when using CLZ.

3.Multiple games freely accessible to gamblers
In order to satisfy online gamblers dynamic interest levels, Casinolize intends to develop and integrate multiple games onto its decentralized online gambling platform, to give gamblers diverse betting options and revolutionize their online gambling experience.

4.Instant play
This special feature on Casinolize platform allows gamblers to simply log onto its platform anytime from any end on the network to play games instantly without having to download a fraction of the game.

5.Seamless user interface
Casinolize user interface provides gamblers the opportunity to navigate between games with ease and absolute convenience. The platform provides absolute anonymity and security to all its users. With the use of an open source technology, Casinolize platform enables games played on its platform to be fair and transparent and free of third parties.

Due to its decentralized nature, the platform also gives gamblers absolute control over their funds/assets and makes cheating very impossible. To reduce processing time, the platform employs smart verification protocol measures to verify the authenticity of its users. The decentralized nature of the platform also allows CLZ to be easily transferred within the platform without any fee charges.

In case of any queries, users are given the chance to visit the FAQ section on the Casinolize platform or contact an agent via e-mail or live chat.

Casinolize Vision
Apparently, casinolize vision is to build a platform that will follow the price movements of top digital currencies based on its relevance in the crypto-economy. In order to achieve this vision, Casinolize is currently issuing CLZ token to all prospective investors/angels interested in supporting its project to success, at its token generation event. Funds raised from this event will be used purposely to develop both a decentralized currency and an online gambling platform that will address the needs of gamblers and make online gambling more attractive.


The Good news is, Casinolize token generation event is currently ongoing at Casinolize Website and it is expected to end on the 31st of August, 2018. To participate in this event, contribute generously in support of its vision,

  1. Kindly click Casinolize Token Sale
  2. Click register for an account and then fill in the correct required credentials together with your correct Ethereum compactible wallet address.
  3. Login to your Casinolize account
  4. Click Buy CLZ token
  5. Enter the amount of CLZ token your wish to buy and process further.
  6. You will be redirected to a payment page where you will be shown a Bitcoin address for the payment.
  7. Ensure you make the right payment of Bitcoin for the equivalent amount of CLZ token purchased.
  8. A success message pops up after making right payment
  9. Click on the Return to Merchant button that shows after the success message to be redirected to your user dashboard to preview an update in your token balance.
  10. It will take a minimum of one working day for your purchased tokens to be transferred successfully into your Ethereum wallet. Therefore, Casinolize advice that you exercise some amount of patient as you wait for your purchased tokens to arrive in your wallet.


Please note that a total of a total of 21 Million CLZ token has been generated by Casinolize, Out of this 50% has been allocated for both its token generation event. Therefore, in events when tokens allocated for both presale and main sale are not sold entirely, all unsold/undistributed CLZ tokens will be burnt after the completion of the token generation event. This therefore means that, CLZ token will not be mineable but will still be maintained and run on the blockchain/decentralized network for transparency, security and anonymity just like other similar currencies in the crypto-economy.

For detail information about Casinolize Project and its token sale, kindly visit the official links provided below.
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Casinolize Website
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