Why VEIAG token is worth your investment

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In my previous article on VEIAG, I described what VEIAG is, its goal and mission, and how it intends to achieve its goal. Today, I wish to talk briefly about VEIAG’s token (“VEIAG”) and why this token is worth your investment. Hope you have lot of fun reading this review.

Description of VEIAG token

“VEIAG” is an Ethereum-based, real time, gold-backed token/cryptocurrency, originally generated by The Virtual Economic Investment Academia Guild, VEIAG, a global organization that is committed to investing in international projects and business ventures that are focused on promoting sustainable development and ensuring good governance.

Why is the token referred as a GOLD-BACKED token?

“VEIAG” is referred to as GOLD-BACKED token/cryptocurrency because it is directly backed by a GOLD BULLION, obtained from the conversion 25% of VEIAG’S initial funds raised from its Crowsale and 25% of all profits derived from VEIAG’s network of sustainable development projects

Purpose of the token

The token was developed to serve as an asset backed token that will be used on VEIAG’S platform for all forms of investments/contributions/payments. The token therefore can be used by any individual or cooperate organization (Investors) interested in supporting/investing in a particular project (s) on VEIAG’s platform.

VEIAG’s platform is known as the VEIAG Guild, a community/ecosystem basically composed of the VEIAG team, identified value-based projects and potential investors, who are ready to invest in support of projects evaluated to have tremendous positive impact in the lives of individuals in the world)

Value Proposition of VEIAG token

According VEIAG, “VEIAG” is expected to bridge the cryptocurrency market with the real economy by granting its holders (Investors) the opportunity to actualize their portfolios with a gold-backed, hard asset token, whose value will be directly linked to the profit margins from VEIAG network of sustainable development projects. thus, providing investors with accurate real-time value to each VEIAG token in their possession.

Availability of the token

The token is currently available on sales at VEIAG Website. To be part of VEIAG project, simply visit VEIAG Website now and contribute immensely to support its project into success. Registration for its pre-sale is currently open and expected to end on the 9th of July 2018. Prospective investors can therefore register for the presale now to enable them participate in VEIAG’s presale.

Here are the 3 takeaways why you should invest into VEIAG

1. VEIAG supports value based international businesses and projects focused on promoting sustainable development and ensuring good governance, to thrive and significantly impact positive growth into humanity.
2. VEIAG guarantee its token holders (investors) a real time value (less susceptible to crypto-market prices volatility) on each “VEIAG” held.
3. VEIAG contributors/investors are entitled to the enjoy the following right in the VEIAG community.
The right to:
a. Propose new business ventures and ideas
b. Apply for Guild Membership
c. Attend annual VEIAG Summit (where new business and memberships are actively discussed)
d. Participate in sessions of VEIAG Virtual Academy classes on all current topics


For detailed information about VEIAG Initial coin offering events and other events, please Find links to relevant VEAIG official pages below
VEIAG Website
VEIAG Twitter
VEIAG Facebook
VEIAG Telegram.
VEIAG Whitepaper

VEIAG Website
VEIAG Whitepaper
Image credit: Website and Whitepaper

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