Share2steem Is User Friendly To Start Recognizing Cryptocurrency

We want to make you familiar with #cryptocurrency in an easy way. Your social media posts can automatically be posted on the #Steem Blockchain. Save your time at once with #Share2Steem #Dapp

~ AnggrekLestari

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Want to delegate ?

Delegators get up to 25% APR !

50 SP100 SP200 SP500 SP1000 SP2000 SP5000 SP

Want to delegate more (or less) ? Just copy and paste the link below, taking care to change the amout of SP you want to delegate at the end of the URL :

If you have any questions, suggestions, or simply want to encourage us, feel free to come to Discord !

Let's go !


That is a big achievement of share2steem. Steem will recognised to all.

The dynamic program you have set up is spectacular! I would love to inquire about if your about to set up something like that for me if your available and you dont charge too much...

Share2steem is definitely getting noticed. Great app!

I have seen you very often make posts using share2steem. Great!

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🎁 Dear @the.curator,

SteemBet Seed round SPT sale is about to start in 2 days!

When our started the development of SteemBet Dice game, we couldn’t imagine that our game would go so viral and that SteemBet would become one of the pioneers in this field.

In order to give back to our beloved community, we’ll distribute 4000 STEEM to SPT holders immediately after Seed sale. Plus, investors in this earliest round will be given 60% more tokens as reward and overall Return on Investment is estimated at 300%!

Join the whitelist on SteemBet webiste now and start investing! Feel free to ask us anything on Discord


found this project suggested by a firend. I'm trying to find out better how it works...

Yes, it saves a lot of time. You have to do nothing except to use #share2steem tag. Love it.

Very, very, saving our time with reach more people. :)

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