Bee Token ICO Derailed by Phishing Scam, Possible Theft of $1 Million in Ethereum


At the point when the Bee Token ICO commenced on Wednesday, a large number of speculators raced to finance "Beenest," a without commission home-sharing platform that intends to disturb industry heavyweights Airbnb and VRBO.

Tragically, several them accidentally fell prey to an email-and Telegram-based phishing scam focused at planned Bee Token ICO contributors.

Bee Token has spent the majority of the previous two days cautioning its ICO givers about the scams, encouraging them to disregard direct messages that claim to be from the organization and confirm the sale’s contract agreement address on the authority ICO site.


"The Bee Token has gotten reports of fake emails, Telegram accounts, and so on guaranteeing to speak to the Bee Token ICO Token Generation Event. Please note that we will NEVER EVER impart an Ethereum address through an email or Direct Message to you by means of Telegram," the organization said in a post on Medium.

In spite of this notice, the scammers have figured out how to occupy almost $1 million far from the official token sale and into their own particular pockets. The real ICO, then, had raised about $2.8 million when of composing.


Three Ethereum addresses linked to the phishing scam contain a consolidated aggregate of almost $1 million, while the official Bee Token ICO has raised $2.8 million.

Online networking clients affirm that there is a reason the phishing scam has been so successful .

In spite of the fact that the scammers might not have sent the messages from official Bee Token locations, victims claim that the scammers approached the organization's email list.

They construct this allegation in light of a lesser-known Gmail trap that gives clients a chance to embed a tag into their email address when they subscribe in to mailing lists. When they begin accepting messages for which they didn't subscrube, they can utilize this tag to distinguish from whom a sender gained the receiver’s contact data.

Bee Token did not instantly react to a demand for comment on the alleged breach.


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