Apollon a Masternode and Cryptocurrency Revolution


When I started learning about Apollon masternodes it was the ROI or money that first got my attention, but then I started noticing important things about the coins use case and the development team, which really made it stand out.


First the team published their names, pictures and backgrounds on their website. This was refreshing as many cryptocurrency projects are shrouded in secrecy.




Second, it stood out in a sea of masternode coins as having a good use case, it was NOT just about the passive income from the masternode. The coin has a business model and a strong use case. There platform allows novices to invest in masternodes. Something which I didn’t know was available. The company mantra is “masternodes for the masses”. Anyone who has built a masternode knows it is a difficult process, which takes 6-8 hours to do. Then you have to perform software updates and other functions. Masternode coin developers spend a lot of time providing support to the coin holders. Now enter Apollon; gone is the 6-8 hours to build the masternode or node for short. And gone is all the time development teams lose providing support to their coin holders building and maintaining wallets and obligatory wallet updates. Now the coin holders are happy and the developers can work on the actual project. It’s a very practical service oriented business model which is well know and has a very high rate of success.



Currently as of writing there are 20 coins on the Apollon platform.
XAP — of course, Stipend, Nix, Phore, LightPayCoin, Trittium, Bitcoin Green, Xorn, SMK, PACcoin, Polis, Bulwark, Condominium, GoByte, Logiscoin, Daral, Vivaldi, SaveNode, Cryptoflow and Concierge Coin.


Third, the project team had a roadmap and a White paper, the coin was easily available on a couple exchanges and the price was right.


Fourth, the market crashed for alt coins, the Apollon blockchain got hacked as an exploit was found and used to divert coins. Then the price tumbled and under this pressure many projects would die and the developers just walk away, but not this program. The team became more visible on Discord, they talked openly about the problems facing the coin and diverted resources to fix the problems, swap the coin to different code (Pivix fork) and then finished the work on their main project the masternodes for the masses project named “Nodebuilder” which allows you to buy cryptocurrency and set up a masternode just like you buy stocks on an online broker. And you can review your portfolio at a glance.

They just released this flagship product and they already have 20 other masternode coins on the platform.


The Apollon team has invested time and money into providing safe avenues for support and published guidelines on their discord channel to help its coin holders avoid the theft of their coins. Cryptocurrency is plagued by scams and people masquerading as coin support to steal people’s coins. Apollon actually created a separate website for support and staffed it with knowledgeable people who go by their real names. This really cut down on theft and provided a safe place to get help and information.



The process of building masternodes on the platform is so easy that they have a contest on their Discord channel called ”Where Do You Build Your Masternode?”





This also led to the obligatory MEMES 😀😆😂



This is a young project and the coin holders are ground floor investors with a eye to the future.
Apollon is in the top 10 of the masternode coins in number of masternodes in operation with over 2700 masternodes as of this report.

Additional Information

Website — https://apollon.one
Twitter — https://twitter.com/apollonxap
Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/apollonxap/
Discord — https://discord.gg/SmaxmwC
Telegram Info Stream: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEpDHbWXRBsemCmmow
Medium — https://medium.com/apollon-xap
Bitcoin Talk: Apollon_Coin
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/apollonmn/
Masternode.live listing — https://masternode.live/currencies/XAP/ApollonCoin
Masternodes Online listing — https://masternodes.online/currencies/XAP/

Articles on Apollon


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