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The desire for on-demand access to identity are the very real security issues that keeps most IT firms up and working even at the darkest hours of the days. Facing numerous attack and online theft on critical platforms both inside and outside the traditional data security perimeter, organizations must make sure that data access is tightly regulated to protect and keep identity data secure. In the new paradigm, there is an absence of an authentic system for identification which can be verified and trusted across several industries. There is a need to strongly emphasize the need for identity security because cybertheft is gradually crime-cranking the whole universe especially the information and data industry. Globally, the identity data platform owned by different corporation lies unorganized and it’s often secured by fragile passwords that can be easily hacked with a commonly available tool.
There is a need for decentralized identity and access management that cannot be attacked inside or outside as it’s observable that a centralized identity system is exposed to mass breaches ad easy attacks, therefore, it will render the world vulnerable.
Diro platform is a well-designed and structured decentralized access and identity platform or network built on the blockchain technology to service the world by instantly verifying legal identities, discovering the hardened social identity and enabling password-less access. The platform is a horizontal technology having APPs in several industries like cybersecurity, the blockchain, financial technology, RegTech etc.
What Diro Has to Offer?
Global Contact Directories
The platform allows new users to upload their existing contacts on the system without limitation then the user verifies his/her MSISDN. Similar user contacts on the platform are automatically associated with unique users’ i.d. This is done using the verified MSISDN and other contributing factors with attributing ownership of the contact. The global contact directories help generate crowd consensus on identity authenticity.
Distributed Ledger Technology
Diro platform makes use of distributed ledger technology because it will be possible to manage directories and offline contacts and generate consensus using a Merkle tree and also some data is better suited on permission ledger.
Decentralized Identity and Access Management Infrastructure
The need for single-sign-on is rising, as the world is gradually shifting to cloud service. Once sign up their data on the platform, such data is agreeably shared across several employees etc thereby expanding the contact data usage or access.
What Makes Diro a Unique Platform?
Validating Authentic Digital Identity Owner with Proof-of-life
Diro offers a unique privilege in validating identities using social live interaction (human voices and video interaction) when members or users interact in their social group or across different available groups, it forms an act which serves as a gap between digital and physical identities.
Developed On the Blockchain
The blockchain technology is known for its decentralized system which enhances transparency on any project that has been developed using its technology. Therefore, Diro is developed on the blockchain network so the network can act like a private bookmark and provide entity based contextual access as it has high adoption by its user.
Availability of Private Key
This will help represent an entity digitally with non-repudiation as it serves as the only way
Conclusively, as identity and access management becomes increasingly complex, the ability to create policies based on contextual information will be more beneficial. DIAM solutions that can collect and make decisions based on user identity, location, device and the requested resources will allow enterprises to deliver quick access to bonafide partners and authorized users. Diro platform consists of several critical factors for authentication across different groups of creating a decentralized identity structure.

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