5 Way to Earn $1000+ worth Cryptocurrency Every Month

Earning money is not that hard, that it sound...

And Crypto make it easier..you can earn $1000 or even more $$$ worth Cryptocurrency per month without a single dollar investment... All you have just need it a wallet, to withdraw or store your Crypto, and for that purpose, you can use Coinbase.com [safe, secure, multi-currency wallets] for free.

Now, how you can make money or Cryptocurrency for free??

There are lots of ways you can make Cryptocurrency for free...

1. Blog and Earn

If you love blogging and if you generate value for your reader then you can easily earn a few hundred dollars every month..

Blogging sites:

a. Steemit

b. Busy

2. Make Videos and Earn

Videos are so popular on the internet..everyone loves it, and if you love to make videos then you can earn from it...

Tube Sites:

a. DTube

b. BitTube

3. Search and Earn

You can even earn Crypto while searching on google... Read my recent post How to Make $$$ While Searching On Google??

Search Sites:

a. Presearch

4. Airdrops

Airdrop is the easiest way to earn crypto...if you regularly watch for airdrops you can easily earn $400-$500 every month...

Some Good Airdrops Alert Sites:

a. Airdropalert

b. Airdrops.io

c. Coinairdrops

d. Alertairdrop

e. airdropalert.org

5. Upload Image and Earn

You can earn crypto by uploading images...

Image upload Sites:

a. File Army

b. Supload

These are the 5 way you can earn $1000 or more worth cryptocurrency every month...

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This a great list and i did not know about the one of images! I got to try out asap.
You can also do trading and airdrops,there is a new trading company here that offers zerofees trading and they even have an amazing airdrop,check out this link below.


Thank you

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earning $1000 dollars with the tools you suggested will still cost you quite a bit, possibly more than its worth. Have you any proof that these options make such money? especially with the ease you say?

its nice that you shared the opportunities but i think you are misrepresenting the possible earnings. ive been on steemit for over a year and still have not earned $1,000 and Busy is a steemit interface that takes a % of your earnings making it even harder to make that $1k.

let not mislead the people.

I'm not misleading anyone....it sound impossible because crypto price are down....steem now only $0.86 but some couple of months before it was $5 - $6 and you only need to earn 200 steem per month to make $1000/month income, and earn 200 steem per month on steemit is doable...[+ other sources on the post]

I'm not talking here overnight rich scheme... crypto is a long time holding asset..if you HOLD you make profit..

you can make $1000 worth CRYPTOCURRENCY per month..but it's up to you when you sold it at $0.86 or at $5??

Busy do not have a beneficiary cut.

Well: "you can earn $1000 or even more $$$ worth Cryptocurrency per month without a single dollar investment"
Earning that much on steem without investing anything is not that easy. You for example invested a little bit on your posts and you still have a long way to go until you earn $1000 per month here xD

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Equally as important if not more so is the time spent posting for a month. Is your months time only worth $1,000 bucks? For a months worth of posting if in fact you can sell all those coins/tokens hopefully you will receive, which in itself will be a challenge. The time to convert the coins/tokens to cash is also an expense.


I agree with you. First you have to have the money to invest in the first place.

hey nice clickbait post dude. i spent all of 5 seconds here. try giving a bit more next time.

Thanks for the great post, resteemed!

The key words here are "CAN EARN"! Haha
Thanks for sharing

Very interesting

Wow, this is a great compilation of how to earn crypto without initial investment. Thank you for sharing this with us.

I will also like to introduce to you a new cryptocurrency commission free exchange where you can trade cryptocurrencies all for free. Read more for further information here https://steemit.com/digitex/@horpey/knugmfs-digitex-a-profitable-exchange-for-all-active-traders

I didn't know some of these, I will give them a try.
But, well, making $1000 a month is kinda hard, even if you do this full time. I do appreciate some free money though :)
Thanks for posting!

well now the crypto market are down..so it sound like quite impossible but when crypto market is up it's very possible...for ex. Now steem $0.86...but when steem is $5 you only need 200 steem to break the $1000/month mark..
and earn 200 steem every month on only steemit are quite possible...:) :)

That's much easier said than done you know.
All of those are good ways to earn some extra STEEM, but $1,000 in NOT guaranteed.

Absolutely Right.

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i'll check some of that but i doubt that you gonna earn the much money at this month or the next one or the previous 6-7 ones :P

First of all doing all that do you and i don't speak generic, do you earn 1000 or more per month?

Moreover a lot of airdrops need different wallets, so one must have so many wallets and then if we wanna transfer them to coinbase witch you suggest he/she will need to change and change the coins paying and paying fees so the final value will drop a bit.

I may sounded harsh but that's the reality. Some of which you mentioned i had no clue about their existence though, so thanks for mentioning all these sources and i am gonna check every single one of them!

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that is really good

Thanks, solid guide!

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Good options, you must have patience and keep it going. Its possible but not as soon as you can think.

There are a lot of way for making money but I am just now learning about it so sad

Airdrop Hurry up.

If you are joining the airdrop, make sure you have completed the social task

If you are joining for weekly payouts, please read the payout terms.

Join the airdrop to receive 50 HEDGE tokens worth $141.50


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Let me guess, they are ERC20 tokens that worth jack all and impossible to sell?

Thank you for sharing this post. This post will defenately goig to help me to earn crypto.

This is so legit💯

excelente la verdad esto de las criptomonedas es la nueva era

The bull run season must have started because the "make money online" shitposts are back

Very interesting... Thanks for the sharing guys

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I am lucky to earn a dollar a month. lol

I know only 5 from your article.
For rest thank you.

I liked it! Good stuff :)

Thanks for sharing some great ideas, which can turn ones life to success....

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Thanks, thats great post to learn about earning cryptos. I'll try all the methods you mentioned except airdrops. I think airdrops are not worth doing.

Yes off course you can't earn so much but you can give a try- find some more cryptocurrency platform where you an earn Alto coin are https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@crytiblock/some-of-the-most-easiest-platform-where-you-can-earn-altcoin-qkbvivmj
Thanks for this post. I resteem your post so that I can note some other platform that you mention.

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That is really productive, I will study more about these sites which are mentioned here. keep sharing good contents.

nice share will check all of them

wow! great info for great site where I can earn money and crypto

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Thanks for sharing great from you. I have seen a lot of scams, it takes a lot of time to share those scams, sometimes you will feel like giving up. You gave me the strength to continue to make money. Thank you

It's hard to earn money, you know. It's not easy to earn as much as you've written here, given the recent market depression.

Love it. Thank you so much, I will try some of the suggestions you made.

most of these are not possible.

interesting post, many of the pages you mentioned did not know that exintian, I'm going to test them clearly I do not think that I earn that big amount of monthly $$ as you say that is not so easy but, adding from page to page if you can get something from $$

very niceee

Thanks for sharing such useful info...I was not not aware of some of them and I will definitely try to earn some Bitcoin. After looking to the list I think that this services will kill the Google and Facebook like companies who does not share revenue with their user.

Hi @somenathsen,

You forgot a new one : get paid while using your favourite social apps (currently Youtube, Instagram and Twitter) thanks to @share2steem, which automatically shares your social posts to Steemit...

There's even a referral program to make you earn more... Feel free to take a look !

This is a great list, Thank you!!!
I would really like to learn about Airdrops

Really cool list with lots of interesting resources. I will have to try out the image uploading sites for sure. If you are interested, this website has lots more ways to earn free cryptocurrency.

excelente informacion ..