Historic evening: first beer paid with SBD in Luxembourg (+ Fr)

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This picture featuring, from left to right, @gudde-wellen, @smartiot and @pstaiano (a.k.a. 1/2 @lux-witness) marks a landmark event: for the first time in Luxembourg's history, beer has been paid for with SBD!

Gudde Wellen is a trendy, hipster "music bar ("café concert") in the old city centre. For those curious to find out more, here is their website: www.deguddewellen.lu. It aims to be "the alternative scene in Luxembourg"

------- (FR) ----

Cette photo, sur laquelle on voit, de gauche à droite, @gudde-wellen, @smartiot et @pstaiano (c-à-d l'autre moitié de @lux-witness), marque un moment historique: pour la première fois au Luxembourg, une pinte de bière à été payée en SBD (5 SBD = 5 euros pour ceux qui veulent savoir)!

Gudde Wellen est un bar tendance, très "djeunz", qui veut être "la scène alternative" à Luxembourg et organise regulièrement des concerts. Pour ceux curieux d'en savoir plus, vous pouvez cliquer sur la photo ci-dessous pour faire un tour sur leur site.


If you wonder what we were discussing with that beer: it was of course a crash course on the workings of the steem blockchain and why it's the best blockchain for a crypto-friendly café concert.

Funny thing is that I was vaunting the "zero transaction fees" and "3 seconds block time" and what caught the attention of Luka, the owner, was ... the "social network" aspect of Steemit!

Have you noticed the "Facebook" link in the lower right corner? I don't know about you but I'd very much like to see a "Steemit" link to the left of it

If you think Pablo and myself are doing a good job, please do approve @lux-witness (by simply clicking on this link)!


Si vous vous demandez de quoi nous parlions: de la blockchain steem, évidemment, et les raisons pour lesquelles c'est LA meilleure blockchain pour un "café concert" cryptophile.

Ce qui est amusant c'est que j'ai mis en avant l'absence de frais de transaction et la confirmation en (presque) 3 secondes mais ce qui à le plus retenu l'attention de Luka c'est l'aspect "réseau social" et la possibilité de poster de la musique sur DSound et être remunéré directement par les amateurs de musique!

Avez-vous remarqué le lien "Facebook" en bas à droite sur leur site web ? Je verrais bien un lien "Steemit" à sa gauche !

Si vous pensez que Pablo et moi-même faisons du bon boulot, n'hésitez pas à approuver @lux-witness (en cliquant simplement sur ce lien)!

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Was that done by special arrangement or will any customer be able to pay with SBD now?

Owner (@gudde-wellen) says any customer will be able to pay with Steem or SBD from now on. So what are you waiting for? Come to have a beer, chill out with some grungy music and, by the smell of it, relax with some other stuff ;-)
BTW, we used eSteem for the transfer, it worked like a charm.

Wonderful, I was thinking about South America for my next vacation, but I'll stop for a beer there. :)

Thanks for the info. It is indeed a day to celebrate, smells included. I promise to check out de Gudde Wellen when I am in Luxenbourg!

For such a monumental occasion - please can you add this into #promo-steem tag! Great to hear a business accepting SBD. What is the going rate of SBD per Beer in Lux?

Added #promo-steem in steemit, Steepshot is still alpha.

I paid 5 SBD for a pint (which goes for 5 euros here) so it's 1:1

This is awesome! I missed this because I was off-line/off-grid during that period when you posted this, but this is great (not only because it involves beer).

So you can just go in there and pay from your steemit account, straight to the @bar/ @bartender?
Edit - Oh, I saw now that you can, thats great! I am resteeming this!
(It's to old to resteem... Hmm maybe I will make a small post and link to this one... Anyway great news!)



I do believe it's great and we are working to take this much further than that!

Did you get the bartender to put "steemit" next to "facebook" yet?

How cool is that! :D

Reminds me of a time when buying a cup of coffee or a pizza with bitcoin was exciting. Admittedly, it's probably not the same thing.

Precisely! We grew much smarter since then! First of all SBD is slightly inflationary (not deflationary like BTC and ETH) and it has the stated intention of staying around $1.

Even if it's hard to keep it like that, the explicit goal of being there virtually guarantees it will not "moon" like BTC did since his early days.

To stimlate spending and consumption there were times and places when special money was issued with "demurrage" - it was losing value as times passed by so it was better to spend it (thus stimulating economic activity).

Add to that the ZERO transaction fees and the 3 seconds confirmation and it's the difference taking the train from Luxembourg to Bruxelles (+3h10 for 215 km with frequent delays and poor service) or taking the TGV from Luxembourg to Paris (2h20 for 400km, no delays, excellent service).

It's still a train but to Bruxelles I prefer to go by car whereas to Paris I prefer the TGV even though it's more expensive

@sorin.cristescu really this is very good information steem lover

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