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RE: Are You Up To Date with Major Crypto News? - Last Week in Crypto and Free HD Webcam Follower Giveaway - May 2018

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Using irrelevant tags, especially popular tags, makes it hard to find good and relevant content. Please try to use only relevant tags when posting.


  • A tag for posts about the Steemit website itself. Posts can include suggestions on how to use the website, improvements, or discussion about Steemit Inc.


  • This tag is for discussing the STEEM/SBD tokens or the STEEM blockchain itself.

More information:

The Game of Tags


Hello. Thank you for letting me know, and this service is a fantastic addition to Steemit. I have upvoted this comment so other Steemit users can see this and be aware of the proper usage of these tags. I wasn't aware which was the correct version to use, but now I know. I hope you did not downvote me for this on the last (out of 7) days on my post. I have edited the post/tag to reflect.

I guess "steem" would be the appropriate tag since my reason for using it was the article included which states that China has ranked Steem the number 2 cryptocurrency. In the future, I will make sure to tag "steem" for token related news, and "steemit" for platform related information.