Spotcoin loves NEO Ep. 1: why did we choose the NEO blockchain?

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We get asked a lot why we chose to run our ICO on NEO instead of Ethereum. But once we joined the NEO community, we never looked back. Best call ever. Here are just some of our reasons:

1) Speed: the future will only be faster.

NEO is built for speed and blows Ethereum out of the water. Right now, NEO boast 10,000 transactions per second, and aims to increase this to 100,000 in 2020. For comparison’s sake: the Ethereum blockchain currently manages 15 transactions per second. That’s far too slow, if you consider that for example the VISA creditcard company already processes 2,000 transactions per second. Sure, Ethereum is working on it, but right now, NEO seems far more future-proof.

2) The NEO family

NEO cares. The companies using the same NEP-5 token standard feel like our cousins. We get together, and help each other with advice. That’s why we’ll register all of them on the Spotcoin exchange for free — family doesn’t pay. It’s also why feel comfortable promoting each other to our communities, we know these are trustworthy companies. We ran airdrops giving away free SPOT to token holders of RPX, QLC, SWTH, and EFX tokens. The best part about belonging to such a promising group of new companies, is that our Spotcoin exchange will be an important, and sometimes the only direct point of purchase. We will be a one-stop shop where investors with USD, EUR and several Black Sea fiat currencies can buy and sell NEO and NEP-5 tokens without having to transfer to and from other exchanges. This way, we can provide simple liquidity where it’s needed and make a real difference where it’s needed.

3) The City of Zion and the NEO community

It’s not just about the other companies on the block’. The NEO community is actively supporting and improving NEO. To such an extent that a group of volunteer developers called City of Zion has grown to a solid organization whose single aim it to improve NEO and develop high quality services like the NEON wallet, the NEOscan and coordinating the translation of NEO documents in several languages. You can join and help out if you want, via Of course, NEO actively supports the City of Zion developers and there is nothing amateur about them. In fact, one of our very own developers is working with NEO and the City of Zion to improve the core code of NEO Sharp. You can read his amazing story here.

4) Pro transparency, pro regulation

We want digital currencies to improve our world, we’re not out there to tear down the old structures. So we will always ask for KYC and do due diligence. We want to be the bridge between between legacy financial markets and the emerging digital economy. NEO is suited to respect both privacy and regulatory concerns. There are some great companies operating on the NEO blockchain like BRIDGE, who can safeguard your ID data while making sure KYC and AML due diligence is handled professionally and smoothly. We will always prefer co-operation with governments and regulators and are actively consulting the Georgian government whenever we can. In the end, making digital currencies work for everyone includes the regulators. NEO has its own respectful relationship with the Chinese government.

So, there you have it. 4 solid reasons why we love NEO. We could go on, and when you ask us in person, we probably will. Feel free to ask though!

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What's this NEO coin?

Your call to go with NEO was the correct one!
NEO is for real projects because you need to spend a bit to start up, in ETH network anyone can create a new token for cheap! Nowadays I only invest in NEO projects, because IO know they have future.
And the community around NEO, and even between projects is awesome.

I love NEO because has found instant support among the developer community because it supports programming in multiple languages like C++, C#, Go, Java. I believe that NEO is the future!

The most important reason is #1 in my opinion. Speed was and will always be the main criterion.

Great project, support him, he deserves great investments and good investors

when i found out that spotcoin is built on the neo blockchain, i said to myself that i must buy into this ico. i like the way that spotcoin community interacts with its nep-5 communities. i am glad to be an investor

I consider that spotcoin will be the successful project. Even against a background of a falling market, the project is under the close attention of the community.

I like Neo blockchain.
Of the pluses I want to cancel the consensus algorithm Pos, hence the possibility of obtaining dividends in the form of Gas and the absence of commissions on the operation with tokens

NEO is my favorite blockchain as it has lot of features and it addresses most of issues that other blockchains suffers from. Therefore, I am glad see that Spotcoin chose the most suitable blockchain to build their upcoming fiat/cryptocurrency exchange.

Very good explanation about why NEO is chosing instead of ETH, expecially when everybody is talking about ETH. Amazing. Thanks for the explanation team.

The uniqueness of this project is due to its originality.
The project is a rare gem in the crypto space.

I think that neo is a good partner for your ICO.
Ethereum network is slow, neo is thefuture because it's really fast. Good choice !

Neo blockchain is outstanding. Their step towards scalability is second to none, thus solving issues limiting Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain.

Even more confidence in the project and its team, which is working and moving forward! This is the best project of the year!

I like how all your promotional materials looks so professional. Comparing to other ICOs, it shows you are already established company with resources.

Very well explained! Now my mind change 360 degree, starting to like NEO. I highly appreciated this article, thanks for the knowledge shared.

When it comes to NEO vs Ethereum it's pretty much a no-brainer. Speed is of the essence and it's great to see projects like Spotcoin work to take advantage of all the benefits that NEO has to offer. Both Spotcoin and NEO and are setting themselves up to be future-ready and make a great impact. Being Pro Transparency and Pro Regulation is also a huge deal going forward. Great stuff!

Yes it is a question for everyone and it is incredible that you explain it so wonderfully. I learned a lot in this process with you and I am grateful for it.

NEO is growing great in recent years. Spotcoin and NEO partnership will be a great partnership. Other NEO based projects are successful. NEO and Spotcoin live a lot!

NEO is the main reason i looked into Spotcoin. It has a great sense of community and with the airdrops SPOTCOIN held for NEO holders, keep that spirit going. Of course the blockchain tech of NEO is important too!

Transaction speed is very important for customer satisfaction. Neo can manage 10,000 transaction per second. Its way more faster than Ethereum. So Neo is the best pick in this situation.

NEO or Ethereum? Very useful and informative article! good arguments are given. Friends, if you are interested in more about Spotcoin, I advise you to read and register on the site and in the telegram. I'm sure the future of this company definitely is, participate with us and multiply your capital.

Neo is becoming increasingly popular, nice to see someone enumerate why they chose it. It is obvious that the people behind Spotcoin have put a lot of thought into this project.

That's a really interesting article which describes the main features of NEO. Personally, I like this this coin and I am interested in all ICOs built on this blockchain.

Yeah any day anytime i will choose Neo based on the speed. "the future will only be faster.
NEO is built on that, so it was a wise decision to use Neo platform.

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nice blockchain ''NEO''. It's very helpful for all crypto marketer .
spotcoin really nice platform because their management is great. I hope it will be 100% success

I know one thing exactly after few years NEOn will be the best platform with no scamming projects, all of the scam projects come with ERC platform but In neo, there will be always a good project, weldone spot team you choose the best platform

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i really love NEO

Indeed you have very important reasons to run your ICO on the NEO platform. Your choice is obvious.

NEO is best rather than Ethereum. That's my opinion and I really like this project and I suggest you to join in this project so you do not regret in the future.

Those who love the neo base project will be a good spot for the spotcoin.

Choosing NEO blockchain is one of your greatest decisions indeed. NEO is the future. Fast and zero fee transactions is one of NEOs biggest features. Spotcoin is gonna be huge. Waiting for the public sale indeed.

Spotcoin is NEO based ico project and it has good transparency about the goals that they will achieve project for the future investment.

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