CHC CHAINCOIN 🚀 Blasting Off to New Highs even in a down market.

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Hello Steemians,

CHC CHAINCOIN 🚀 Blasting Off to new Highs even in a down market.

During the current mini crash in Cryptos a few alt coins have remained stable and strong. LTC took a small hit but remained relatively stable and now seems to be moving back over $50. Another more less known crypto called CHC CHAINCOIN has been making strong gains since July5th and has reached new highs.

There is a big difference between ChainCoin and other coins that increase in price quickly. The majority of the investors are "HODLERS" and not Pump and Dumpers. The truth is that many cryptos that see huge price increases will soon dump back down. This is commonly known as a "pump and dump". This coin is the opposite of a pump and dump as most investors plan on holding for the Longterm.

Take a look at the charts and see how strong and stable CHC has been even after the increase. I also decided to take a long term position into CHC and plan on purchasing more and HODLING for at least a year or two. You can purchase CHC from cryptopia.

The chart from Cryptopia shows its recent gains and it only seems to be moving higher while remaining stable due to most of the investors holding for the long term. The roadmap on the ChainCoin website is very impressive and worth looking into.

Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 2.13.52 PM.png

According to CoinMarketCap CHC has a low circulating supply of 14,976,519 CHC.
Current Price of $0.433017 and up 116.92% Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 2.25.29 PM.png

Big Thanks and shoutout to Max who runs the HighOnCoins channel for the positivity in the Crypto Community and sharing the ways of the HODLER! Be sure to checkout his channel for excellent updates on cryptos.


I personally believe there's still a lot of time to get into some CHC coin and I see strong potential for this coin reaching one dollar and higher very soon. It also only takes 1,000 coins to start a Masternode but the price is increasing as more people realize the potential of this coin. LTC and CHC too the Moon?! I definitely think so. 🚀 HODL!
chain coins.jpg


Love this! HODLing for the longterm!

The way of the HODL will change the crypto world for sure!

HODLING FER SURE! Its crazy how Max got everyone on board so quickly!

Just getting started. Packing our bags and getting ready for the Journey Blasting off to the MOON together! :)

It will be 5 USD by the end of next week.

Keep pushing and hoddle chaincoin 💪👍

UPVOTE to that! With the circulation supply as low as it is and the HOLDER strength behind the coin 5$ isn't far fetched at all.

Im ready to set up my Master Node ! I know the tuorial is up on CHC's website, but I'd feel more comfortable watching Max do it first.

I bought in at .20. Watched it skyrocket in 36 hours! HODLING for ever. Never had a master node before.


I'm working on mine this weekend but taking things slow also cause its my first time. Very exciting and its awesome to be part of the HODL SQUAD MOVEMENT. Only regretting not selling all my other coins for CHC LOL. I can never sell my LTC. Thanks @crooklyncat !

The more people HODLing, the faster it will reach $100. HODL HODL HODL people


yay its going to the moon for sure! the HDL GROUP IS REAL


looking cool to me :)

CHC is definitely a WINNER.

I jumped onboard the ChainCoin train! HODLing for the moooooon!!
I am also spreading the word myself, please upvote my post:


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I made this. feel free to share. Never sell, just HODL! Doge didn't get us there, let's finally get to the moon!

I'm spreading the word:

LOVE IT! Man I am so excited about this idea. WOOO! Oh and I resteemed, upvoted, and promoted with one hard-earned SBD baby!

Thanks brother in HODLING :) I will upvote you as soon as my steempower recovers lol.

I took my CHC off of cryptopia within minutes of buying. HODL!

Exactly, its the retirement coin :) hodl until retirement :)

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