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Hi steemians,

Just found this picture, and it reminds me of myself starting in crypto two years ago. I can honestly say that it happened to me a few times. I hope the newbies wont make the same mistakes that I did a while ago :D 


Lol pretty sure you used me to put this together. I'm mainly in the it will come up camp. Trying to buy bits low. But pretty much no matter what I do I buy and it goes down more. (eye roll) It's the cost of learning.

Yeah, you are right its the cost of learning :)

I learn through doing. No one could have taught me what I know now unless I was experiencing it. NOW I could take a class and learn more because I have a base. I was lucky to buy a tiny bit of BTC in 2015. 100 bucks worth at 265.00 and that got me learning quick! That little bit has given me a cushion for the learning bit.

Luckily, I only made a couple of tiny trades before I joined Steemit, Now I have learned a lot more about Crypto, I'm just hoarding and hodl.
I do enjoy checking to see the values, I just don't worry about it so much.

Well yes patience is the key, we all know its going to get back up one day

Are you Hodling any alt coins? Or just BTC and steem?

Well I hodl a lot of altcoins, dont want to sell any at the moment. What about you @vgc5000?

Yep I’ve got some too. I narrowed it down after an initial batch of FOMO. Worked on averaging out the prices on the keepers. But focusing on BTC and i like Litecoin right now. Trying to keep up on the altcoin news is interesting. In the scheme of things I don’t have that much in the game but if I play my cards right maybe I will get a black Suburban or Cadillac SUV for my Lambo! :)

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