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RE: RAIBLOCKS REBRAND - NOW CALLED NANO!!! Price SURGED 40% UP after announcement

in #cryptocurrency4 years ago (edited)

Thank you for the concise and straightforward report @jordanlok - I believe that the Nano rebranding is perhaps the best possible thing that could happen to Raiblocks - look, the price is rising already!

Anyways, I wrote a similar article documenting the rebranding, feel free to check it out and leave an upvote! Thank you!


Yes, I left you an upvote and nice to meet you! We seem to have similar interests and thinking. Looking forward to growing with you and collaboration oppurtunities in the future?

Awesome! Thanks for the upvote! And yes, definitely - I followed you - would love if we could connect on Steemit and support each other on this journey!

Yea thank you, I wish there was a way to direct mssg/PM people so we could talk since I've been seeing people with alikeminds whom I want to grow and develop a community with.

I agree - there should be a chat platform that is integrated into Steemit itself so DM-ing people will be so much easier! And oh Steemit needs a mobile platform as well haha

Feel free to follow me back so we can support each other's content in the future! :)

Yea I'm sure there will be a chat platform integrated eventually for Steemit and ye I followed you, hopefully we can continue to grow together and support!

Definitely - look forward to collaborating with you in the future!

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