A real punt which can Moon

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I've been scratching my head with this one all day, it has the most bizarre coinmarketcap chart I've ever seen.

From a high of $2.40 its now @ $0.00029 , thats quite a dip, infact on Coinexchange.io it literally cannot go lower, it's 1 satoshi. I bought 3000000. If it were to go back to it's peak I would be a dollar millionaire many times over. So what happened?

Well there's the mystery, I went on twitter and discord to try and get the story and I still couldn't understand.

Yesterday they launched a new website and it looks slick....

So then I started digging around the discord

So here's the rub, we're on block 88000, the 10000% PoS return ended at block 80000,

So its just a dump, straight and simple... well kind of. B3 has what is called "fundamental nodes", and 60% of future coin will be allocated to node holders (100 million coins), the twist being that said coins are burned mopping up the inflated supply.

It was implied in the discord that the "1 sat sell wall" on coinexchange is there in order to give the early adopters the opportunity to get master nodes. Once that sell wall goes, the coin will start climbing.

This is risky as all hell but could be an easy * 30-50 gain.



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