Ethereum is about the best investment you can make just now.

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A couple of weeks ago I listed my "Manic Miner" 6 GPU mining rig on the Cryptopia marketplace website for 8 Ethereum (it's a cool little marketplace actually, check it out I recently reduced it to 5.5 Ethereum.


Now as much as I'd love to knock 30% off the price, I have bills to pay! Ethereum has been going up in value so much lately that I had to reduce the price it to peg it at $5700.

If you had this sleek, attractive unit in your back room running quietly, you'd currently be making $700 USD per month in Ethereum at today's price. Let's say Ethereum goes to $2000 by the end of '18 (likely I'd say by Q3 latest). That would be a $16800 return in Ethereum. Don't forget, after a year I'll buy the hardware back off you for 0.6 * purchase price (in USD, not Ether!).

That would be a tidy $14500 in profit from your initial investment. Not bad.

You might ask why I want to sell them? Well the reason is that I want to reinvest the money in more mining hardware for myself!

so give me a shout @ [email protected], or call me on +441413564777. All units are preconfigured out of the box for your wallet, I can offer remote maintenance service and if you're in the UK, I'll come and install the system myself.

The perfect cryptocurrency hedged bet.

Check out the store here:


Check out Syscoin and the Blockmarket that they offer. You can download a desktop app and sell items for cryptocurrency. It's a lot like eBay or Amazon, but with no middle man!

Hope this helps you reach some buyers!

cheers rook81, I'll do that.

So you want to sell your mining equiptment, to get more money for more mining equiptment. Seems a little paradoxical to me, but ok good luck...

Hi Hypnopreneur, theres a markup on the cost of the rig, said markup allows me to replace the used components and also purchase additional mining components. Thanks for the feedback.

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