Is Iota at the races?

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They have a saying in Texas to describe someone who is all talk and little action, "all hat and no cattle"

I love this coin and I am most definitely bullish on the future of Iota, but I'm currently finding the concept and branding much more appealing than the product.

I attempted to move a small amount of Iota from my private wallet to the Binance exchange. 2 days later it's still "pending"

Iota is the highest valued crypto out there using the much trumpted DAG algorithm. It is currently only listed on 2 exchanges, the wallet is daunting and transfers are slower than death. For a $13 bil marketcap coin, these problems should be getting solved a bit more expiditiously IMHO. #upyourgame.


Hi! (:
You are right - partly.
Iota is amazing but there are many problems to be solved. Team is great and their potential is huge. Definitely a long term hold imo. Just like many other coins - too much hype. ;P

Concerning the wallet:
If your withdrawal does not show "confirmed", "permitted" or "accepted" (I forgot what it says by then - I think it is marked green if it worked; it definitely should not say "pending" ;D);
just go to "tools",
"edit node configuration",
choose a new "host",
then click on "history",
your pending transaction and
rebroadcast - if the host is working properly your transactions should be completed in a few seconds (maybe a minute). (;
Your "Min Weight Magnitude" should be set to "14".
"Curl Implementation" does not need to be changed - normally.
I hope I did not forget something important.

Thank you sir, upvoted and followed

Thanks bro! Really appreciate that! (:
And I did forget something - there is something called "Promote" when you click on the pending transaction but unfortunately I do not know what this is (by now). Maybe there are some youtube videos or you can just google it.
I hold iota too and I hated this wallet but then I read a lot of reddit posts and finally figured it out. I hope that my post was helpful and tell me if it worked for you as well! (:
For my friends and myself it did work but it took some time... /:

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