My "Frankenstein Monster"

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this badboy may look a bit bizarre, but this 5 card AMD "Frankenstein build" is putting out 120 MH/s on ethash.

The reason this one is a bit unusual is I'm consolidating some spare cards I have around in a single rig. If you have any questions regarding GPU mining or have a hardware project you could use some help with, feel free to give me a shout.

If you want more of a "thoroughbred" miner, check out my "manic miner" 6 Nvidia unit, which would look at home in your living room and is a thing of pure beauty, your own personal ATM! More info here:



It's beautiful! I really like how you refer to your mining rigs as ATM machines, I do the exact same thing. I have a 4 card set up right now, looking to expand. Currently working with 2-1080s and 2-1080ti. Will follow you for future blogs

Hey Rook81, good to know you, upvoted and followed. Out of curosity, do you use windows 7? I have an interface GUI I'm developing which currently requires beta testing.

No, my current setup is running Windows 10. I use it for mining and work. Once I expand and get more cards I'll be building a dedicated rig that's strictly for mining

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