Of course stock markets are at an all time high..

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It's become almost a meme that "stock markets are at an all time high". It's a phrase oft repeated by Donald Trump, which kind of surprises me as I'm surprised he'd want to own that, especially given the reasons for it.

Stock markets being at an all time high can be summed up by the following sentence: -

"Concerted balance-sheet expansion by central banks around the world is the root cause of stock-market gains during the 8-1/2-year bull market"- Peter Cecchini

Basically all the major fiat currencies around the world have been debasing their value by undisciplined money printing.

The stock markets are not at all time highs. stocks, ETFs (and now crypto) are in a hyperinflationary run against the USD.

Fiat is in collapse, all time highs are smoke and mirrors.



Are you a boy or a girl?

What's your name? Mine is Chelsea.

Great! Now what is the full name of the boss?

My personal theory is that the futures market on Bitcoin falls are pushing the Wallstreet wealth. It sounds like lunacy but it is a feeling I get. This money is then reinvested in the existing stocks. So, bitcoin maybe feeding the US financial system :-)

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