A Story Of MXC Use Case

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1. What is MXC?


Machine Exchange Coin (MXC) is a powering decentralised global data network of IoT, which brings protected, scalable and quick transactions.

The target of MXC is to connect a variety of industries and cities by creating a global decentralized IoT economy. It is based is a high potential technology of Low Power Wide Access Network (LPWAN) to make the passive income possibilities, thereby bringing the profit to participants.

The purpose of MXC is creating a decentralized data exchange that combines LPWAN technology and blockchain. The protocol facilitates exchange between devices in scope or over internet. Furthermore, the MXC vision is to lanching a systematic process to simplify and enhance IoT data transactions, leading to resolve the issues of power costs and time-of-transaction.

2. MXC Use Case

a) Smart Garbage Bin for Smart New York City


Waste management is an important issue in many countries, not only in NewYork. However, New York is one of the first successful countries to find a smart and excellent solution for this.

  • Situation: In NewYork, the schedule for collecting garbage is in every morning.
  • Problem: Because many transports will be used to collect garbage at the same time, this cause the overload of noise and traffic jame on the street, also causing the stress to everybody in the morning.
  • How MXC help to resolve: MXC is putting smart sensors on garbage bins around New York City. These sensor will transfer the ultrasound to inform the management companies about the fullfill percentage of the garbage bin if it reaches 80%. The operation mechanism is based one the MXProtocol on LPWAN.

b)Indicating the mosquito levels of each Korean park in the summer


  • Situation:Korean country has a severe cold winter, while the summer is cooler and more pleasant. Therefore, Koreans especially like to hang out with their family and friends in the summer.
  • Issue: There are so many mosquitos in the summer of Korea. This insect hides under the trees in the park and cause disease humans.
  • How MXC help to resolve: EnLink’s IZAP Pro, which is an LPWAN enabled insect trap. This equipment is set up in more than 13,000 parks in Korea to collect the data about insects. Then, through MXProtocol, the valuable data of mosquito levels in the parks will be transfered by the sensors to the data processing center for synthesizing and analysing. Thereby, people can choose a good place for their outdoor activities in the summer.

2. MXC use case in my hometown in the future


I am living in the coldest Sapa in the North, Vietnam. In winter, the temperature can drop to minus 10 degrees Celsius. The pass road bends to the village often with snowy winds, sometimes wind with strong storms can lead to erosion. So, with the application of MXC technology, my village can be assisted with meteorological forecasts quickly and accurately, to be provided with timely medication and food, and to warn people about the incidents can occur to prevent moving from traffic jams, jams and landslides.

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