Another Phishing scam ‘Kraken Official Telegram Channel’

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If you are using Telegram app and you are member of any group or channel related to the cryptocurrency or crypto currency exchange then please be aware and alert. Because any group or channel that claims are official on Telegram app couldn’t be real anymore. It could be fake or phishing scam where you could easily trapped.

Today I want share one of the exciting phishing Telegram Channel that claims themselves official Telegram channel of Kraken exchange. But that’s not really official it’s phishing channel so be aware and alert.

Let me share first the pic of that phishing channel then I will tell you in detail that how I have found this phishing channel on Telegram app.



If you see pics above it looks real or official but they are not. I am member of Telegram Channel called Crypto Trading where they post some trading tips about crypto currency. In this Channel it they posted about Kraken Official Telegram Channel link to follow and followed accordingly.

After joining the Channel I saw that there was only 51 members of that Channel then it looks me fishy. And then I have checked the official Kraken website to verify that is it really a official Telegram Channel of Kraken or not. But I didn’t see any information about this Telegram Channel.

To further verification I had online chat with them where they told me that it is not their official Telegram Channel and they don’t have any other.

Here are the screen shots of the online chat with Kraken exchange:



So by this post I want alert and aware you all that whatever you doing online please be careful always and always verify the facts before performing any action online.

Purpose of this post is to spread awareness about phishing scams and warn you that please don’t trap yourself easily. Stay safe and alert.

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Many thanks and be safe.


😮 Wow thanks for warning @techstack great post

Thanks @ogt purpose of this post is to aware everyone against such scams.

@techstack You can read ....

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Thank you for making us aware @techstack. It is terrifying for me that such scams take place more and more often. I was recently scammed with fake MonaCoin airdrop :(

Thanks @neavvy for your comment. Sorry to hear that. By reading your comment other will aware.

@techstack Thanks for the warning. It's trap anyone will fall in because every crypto project have their telegram channel so no body suspect that it might be the scam.

Thanks @flash07 Yeah it's true. Now a days scammer trying to scam in the name of AIRDROP.

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Good research! I always wonder how people are willing to disclose their private financial information in public chats or people around in those channels. Of course exchanges should be present to reach out to their clients over all media outlets.

Yes that’s correct. Thanks @conceptskip for your opinion. I just followed you and happy to connect with you.

Hi @techstack
You made a great effort with the verification exercise which massive. Second guessing one action online might hold the key to unlock a view into fraudulent activities online.

Thanks @maxiemoses-eu happy to connect with you.

The pleasure is all mine

You acted brilliantly. I wonder the purpose of the group; to lead people to pumps and dumbs, I guess. Thanks for the warning though

Thanks @ajongcrypto happy to connect with you.

Chai! Those disgusting heads would always want to cheat their ways to success any way. Thanks for this information @techstack. Thanks to crypto.poitr for the positive channel he invented. It is really helping. I have curated this, upvoted and shared for others to learn the simple way or learn the hard way.
@jodekss :)

Thanks for your support @jodekss and I am happy to connect with you.

@techstack... Thank you for sharing this great news which will serve as a means of notification to avoid fake cryptos or ICO group's on telegram and other social media app.

If you see pics above it looks real or official but they are not.I am member of Telegram Channel called Crypto Trading where they post some trading tips about crypto currency. In this Channel it they posted about Kraken Official Telegram Channel link to follow and followed accordingly.

From the images you posted 7, they actually look very official. I saw that of Kraken also.

I wonder what people gain in deception and scamming others. I think such groups should be reported and eradicated completely to avoid people been misled by them.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love [email protected] in courtesy of @crypto.piotr.