TELOS TODAY #1 - Transcendence blockchain DEV talking about Teloscoin, Peertoro, Bluebox & other projects

in #cryptocurrency3 years ago

Transcendence blockchain project once again proved seriousness as one of the most trusted Masternode blockchain, but this is not all, only one part. Numbers of projects are included and connected with Transcendence and all of them accept the Transcendence Network Token called TELOS (Teloscoin).

Proof Of Stake + Peer2Peer SaaS + Peer2Peer Proof of Computing

Transcendence founder & DEV Mr. Pascal Papara made video where he described all aspects of Transcendence blockchain presenting all projects included.

  • Exchange Listings
  • Governance and Voting
  • Kryptobay launch
  • Peertoro
  • ProFitCycle
  • Solminer
  • Bitdorado
  • Bluebox
  • 3rd Party support
  • New Transcendence Wallet
  • Appstore
  • Cloudservice
  • Current Whitepaper
  • Cooperations

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