How to Store Bitcoin Cash in a Paper Wallet

Join the CryptoDad as he takes you step-by-step in setting up a paper wallet to safely store your Bitcoin Cash. A paper wallet is one of the safest ways to store your Bitcoin Cash offline or in cold-storage. I will show you how to create and print the wallet, fund the wallet with Bitcoin Cash, and I will also show you how to withdraw the funds when you are ready to cash out.

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In this market we can not say anything with perfection. Few months back a hype was created about consensus 2018 .And now same manipulation and hype are created For ETF .According to me BTC Dominance is not a big issue ,positive news like ETF approval can bring BTC to at lease 14000 .But lets see what happen ...

thank you so much for the tip! :)

thank you so much for the tip!

is the coinbase giving $10 for free or its free after depositing somthing??

when your next topic will come??

Paper wallets is still something difficult for most users and it is great to see an article here explaining it for Bitcoin Cash.

Very informative posted. I upvoted your post and followed you as well. Please reciprocate.

Turns out I’m already following you thanks for the comment

Well done sir you have done very remarkable job here to tell us about bitcoin cash paper wallet because there is no wallet for bitcoin cash except blockchain wallet at where i am in always doubt that my bch will receive or not . So thanks for that and i hope people will like this post

I hope you keep your Bitcoin cash safe. Cheers!

yeah off course it's been possible because of you?

I liked the post too. I learned something from it. Thank you so much. Hopefully we can post more than we can learn more.

I’m glad you learned something. I thought this was an interesting topic. I’m glad you enjoyed It

Hello all. I love to see this... educational videos on crypto and blockchain. We need more of this. The more people fo this the more new people will learn and become part of the crypto space. Keep it up. Later friends.

Hey, appreciate the sentiment. In the crypto gold rush, I'm the guy selling picks and shovels!

After all these exchange hacks I'm defintiely moving to a paper wallet. Thanks!

Definitely the safest way to store crypto long term, just bit inconvenient to implement.

Thanks for giving important and useful information. I needed this information.

I’m glad that this video was helpful for you. Most people find paper while it’s confusing. I find the step-by-step demonstration approach works best

Very nice post
Very interesting post
It is full of knowledge
It is very helpful for me

Thank you. I’m glad I could be of help to you.

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So much safer in a paper wallet!! I keep telling my friends who have their funds on exchanges it's only a matter of time.

Yes, you don't really own the crypto unless you control the private key!

Love this guy's videos. Who can't like someone named cryptodad! Very informative stuff. Please upload a video on using the greymas wallet for Eos.

Hey thanks for the suggestion. I will look in to that.

Nice info.... Good post

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some good tips, but if you can nothing like the peace of mind of a ledger!

You got that right. I have also posted several videos on Steemit about using the Ledger. Check them out when you have a chance:

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Thanks in advance!

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I'm not sure. You look more like a Papier-mâché penguin!

I don't know what that is pure looks like. Show me a picture please.

This article very helpful for all cryptocurrency traders.

Thanks for the vote of confidence

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Yes, I am new to Steemit, but really like the platform.

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Papa, thank you very much for this important and beneficial information, because I really had doubts about how to store my bitcoin cash, because I used the coinpot pro wallet does not give me much confidence, but after seeing this I know how to do it, thank you very much.

I thought this paper wallet solution looked interesting. It is the best way to store your crypto long-term. Most people find it a bit confusing. So I thought my step-by-step approach would work best.

You have explained very well.

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thanks for information

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