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The main objective of this publication is to present the JACS solution and the related JACS project. Under no circumstance, it should be considered as an investment advice.

If you have any question regarding the regulations impact on the JACS project, feel free to contact JACS at [email protected]


Technological developments make it easier for humans to interact and communicate with others. For example, in the past humans used letters to send messages to distant people, which usually took days to months, but now people can use communication media tools such as telephone or email to send messages to their friends which is much faster and easier.

And we have arrived at the era of IoT and 5G technology, where communication is very fast. People and companies are starting to use the internet for various purposes such as entertainment, IoT, communication, etc. However, there are many limitations to the technology we use today, for example, such as the CP / IP stack problem - and JACS is here as a platform that offers solutions related to internet 3.0 infrastructure in a totally new communications stack.


Just Another Communications Stack

We know that the internet that we use today uses the Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol (TCP / IP), which is a protocol that regulates data communication in the process of exchanging data from one computer to another on the internet network which will ensure data delivery to the destination address. However, this protocol suite has limitations such as IPV4 exhaustion, security, central authorities, etc. Several attempts have been made to try to overcome this, but none have been successful. And JACS comes as a complete solution that details and related things in it.

JACS stands for Just Another Communications Stack which is a new communications stack totally different from the TCP / IP stack. It is a combination of revolutionary blockchain technology with Connection-Less Network Services (CLNS), with its 160-bits ISO NSAP addresses that aim to change the way data networks work.

There will be many challenges that JACS will try to solve, such as IPv4 address depletion, centralized address allocation (for both IPv4 and IPv6), and Internet routing security. Moreover, soon, the presence of 5G and IoT needs to be allocated a large number of global addresses quickly and cost-effectively.

JACS and Blockchain

As previously explained, JACS utilizes blockchain to create a communications stack. Here the blockchain plays a vital role as the protocol that will support JACS. The blockchain will perform many functions such as Address allocation, Address registry, Route Origin verification, and validation, Incentivizing the community, etc. In this case, JACS will use the Ethereum blockchain as a protocol that will support the operation of the platform. But in the future JACS will launch its own native blockchain, namely "JACS native blockchain", which runs on the native public blockchain instead of the Ethereum blockchain.


JACS Solutions

  • JACS New Communication Stack: JACS "Just Another Communications Stack" aims to change the way data networks currently work.
  • CLNS and Blockchain: It is the result of combining two technologies - blockchain and CLNS, with its 160-bits ISO NSAP addresses.
  • Totally Different: JACS provides a new communications stack that is totally different from the TCP / IP stack.
  • Fix IPV4 Depletion: Fix IPv4 address depletion, centralized address allocation, and Internet routing system security.
  • JACS blocks: JACS blocks of addresses are assigned and administrated over a blockchain.
  • Unique Addresses: JACS addresses are globally unique for intensive applications like IoT, 5G, and things beyond imagination

In Conclusion

In line with technological developments such as IoT and the presence of the 5G network, there will be many devices in the world connected to the internet network. The TCP / IP technology we use today has many limitations and problems - JACK's "Just Another Communications Stack" is a platform that utilizes blockchain and Connection-Less Network Services (CLNS) with its 160-bits ISO NSAP addresses. JACK aims to change the way data networks work and overcome various problems in internet protocols such as IPv4 address depletion, high recurring maintenance and renewal fees, etc.




WEB: https://www.jacs.tech/
WHITEPAPER: https://www.jacs.tech/white-paper
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/jacstech
MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@jacstech

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