Trevon James Brown is promoting a new scam called CryptoTab... here's what you should know.

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We all know who Trevon James is, one of the biggest cryptocurrency scammers of all-time, who established his mark in the cryptocurrency world via the rise and fall of BitConnect, and who is also sadly making a new home here on Steemit nowadays, because the platform is so easy to automate and scam on.

Anyway, he is back trying to sell his audience a dream, which will sadly never come true, called CryptoTab!

Here's a Steemit article that covers all the ins and outs pertaining to the CryptoTab scam, so feel free give to it a gander, and please for the love of Satoshi, never listen to fucking thing Trevon James and his cronies say... you'll only get fucked in the end.


I suppose it's foolish to expect him to change his ways! He's got to keep hustling before all these lawsuits eventually catch up with him.

Terrible for steemit though, what's his new account?

This is his new account:

Wow that is ambitious, I assumed when you said new accounts he would have made multiple accounts under different aliases and funnel his steem power through those to achieve ROI on his funds.

But he's just ignored all that typical money laundering methodology and straight up made a new account called trevon!? Unbelievable.

Hmm, I guess you haven't figured it out yet my friend, but Trevon is a sociopath, and in his mind, he doesn't think he has done anything wrong, and will always use his name, because deep down, he wants to be famous, and he wants everyone to love him.

When i joined steemit it was the time trevon and Bernie were having there "War" and it was funny.. watching him being flagged out of steemit. His account has not been used in a while, so maybe he is off steemit or has a new account

He created a new account, and now is just using bots to make Steem, so he can't get flagged.

Is there nothing the witness community can do about someone like that?... someone who just rips off the community?

Nope, not a thing, hence why I don't think Steemit is sustainable going forward. Imagine just 100 Hodgee Lee's joining Steemit, what would that do to the platform?

Its going to kill it my friend. I think i see more reason with why you made a post about why steemit is not sustainable. And by the way, on a Jovial note... i have been checking my USDT wallet everyday since that day and nothing yet.😃

Oh! You don't know? There was some problem for @tolkatore to send USDT to our accounts. Hence that contest is called off...😁

Have you heard about legitcoin scam? Scammed thousands of people. People just invested in legitcoin because of cryptomarket craze which did not have a white paper even.

Sounds about right.

what even happened to trevon in court? i never heard anything about it.

If you watch his new vlogs, he is driving a car which has a steering wheel on the right side, which means he is no longer in the United States, so he probably fled to avoid having to pay anything back or taxes... he's pulling a Roger Ver!

Thanks for the effort to save the masses from been scammed.

I will go through the link and also ensure I tell more people about his tricky plans.

you'll only get fucked in the end.

Don't want that
Staying clear of the assholes then

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Thanks a lot sir @tolkatore to warn about Trevon James the biggest scammer. This information is very useful for all. Resteemed the valuable content.

As long as enough stupid people will inhabit the planet such scams will always be a success no matter who will promote them.

Thanks for the enlightenment bro.. I never new crytotab is a scam.. I was thinking about accessing it.. Thanks for your intervention.. It really proves to be worthwhile for some..

scammers every where

as the development of crypto opens opportunities for bad people to take advantage and justify all means for their own sake.
I just heard this scam case.
thanks for this important information. and news like this is very appropriate for resteem so many know.

We were having very little information about him but now we know various things about him through your post , very few are found in the community who hardly take care but the effort you have made for the community not being scammed is priceless for us..
Thanks for such a caring post..

Thanks for the feature of my article, much appreciated. Geez Trevon doesn't quit hey you have to give him that i saw him shilling P3WD (proof fo weak hands) a while back and now his got his own one POTJ (Proof of trevon james) which are smart contract scams that both went belly up real fast.

What they doing now is connecting with smaller youtubers giving them some cash to shill products on their behalf and suckering in small amounts of people at time. They being very strategic about it now but the trail is still there and ive seen a couple of YouTubers already documenting the trail for future expose videos I can see coming.

I noticed his just using his bitconnect money to power up steem and use bots to exploit it his wife/baby mama also has an account on steemit too. Wonder if its legit or is he using that one for himself too

Hopefully, unwanted things do not happen in steemit, although crypto money goes up and down, we stay solid.
Thanks @tolkatore

Cryptotab scam!!!
Socking update..@tolkatore
Now scamming is everywhere.. Investment is not secure..

Information is appreciable, thanks pal for showing great care for us.

Damn that sucks
The link you gave isn't working though

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The biggest scammer of all time.
Quite a name that is. When I joined steemit, I heard about him. Don't see a lot of activity from him lately.
Maybe he has been banned from steemit. Lol

Damn that sucks
The link you gave isn't working though

Works fine on my end mate.

one more scam
we need to be too much carefull nowadays

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i hate him so much