$16.52666238 Tether (USDT) giveaway! - Ends tonight at 21:00 Eastern Standard Time

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In time for spring, I'll be doing a little spring cleaning on my cryptocurrency wallets as well, and giving back to my following in the process, by randomly selecting one lucky winner for a $16.52666238 Tether (USDT) giveaway grand prize!

The steps to enter are simple:

  • Follow me on Steemit
  • Up-vote this Post
  • Re-Steem this Post
  • Have a valid Tether (USDT) Wallet Address
  • Use the Link below to Complete your Entry

Simply tap or click here to enter for a chance to win!

Thank you all so very much!

Oh, and I clean out my wallets from time to time by doing these here giveaways, so please stay tuned for more great giveaways to come! 💰


So you are the reason Tether hasn’t collapsed yet… 😜

Ha ha, well guess what... this is all the Tether I have left, so boom! 😂

Hey, it's messing up my charts and driving me crazy, so I am getting rid of it once and for all.

Assessing a portfolio and deciding when to cut the dead weight:

thank you for the giveaway. i am not going to enter as i dislike USDT.

but good luck to everybody else!

Hey, if you win, you take it, and trade it for something else. 😉

And the winner is... @rjunaid12!

What's your Tether address bud, and congratulations! 😀

Oh hell...
I didnt think I'd win, I don't have a tether address..
First time I win something and I mess it up.
Can I create one or does it take time like steemit

Do you belong to an exchange, like Bitfinex?

Umm... I'ma have to re-roll if ya don't have a Tether address bud... do you plan on getting one soon?

Count me in body :)

Will do, and good luck!

It doesn't end until tonight, and I will be posting the video of the winner in the morning.

All is done

Thank you, and good luck!

I am counted now...but can i got this price by SBD ? @talkatore

Ha ha, the whole point of this giveaway is to clean up my wallets, so it will be in Tether only mate.

very good, this is a rare opportunity, thanks @tolkatore for your kindness

The pleasure is all mine, and good luck!

All done! Let me see if I am lucky this time, never won any contest or giveaway in my life.

First time for everything, and good luck!

Wake me up, if this is a dream. Anyways upvote and resteem done. Now time for luck to interfere.

Ha ha, there won't be too many participants, so your chances should be alright.

Time for some luck baby....

Shouldn't be too many folks in on it, since it ends tonight, so your chances will be good.

Yeah it really is a good opportunity. How many hours as per your time zone are left till midnight?

Woahh its a long time then....our midnight has 5 hours left.. Anyways i can still give it a try.

If you're a winner it's automatic, so you don't have to be awake or anything to win bud.

Yeahh yeahh i know that.... Anyways i have done my part. Hope for the luck.

Just when you thought there are no more generous people left in the world...
Way to go man! 🤜🤛

Ha ha, just giving back to my community, and good luck!

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