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Ever since bitcoin hit the market, the rise and fall of cryptocurrencies has dominated the headlines of the tech industry.There are few who still doubt the fact that cryptocurrency is the future.Just as with any novelty there have been a few bad apples and that is why the trust in cryptocurrencies has decreased. In an effort to regain that trust and to keep innovating Monaize came to be. The shortcomings of the current banking system such as lack of transparency and unnecessary costs paved the way for it.

Monaize is more than just a simple cryptocurrency. It is an e-banking platform that is firstly a mobile account and a business mastercard. Its primary focus group are freelancers and small businesses as it provides a vide range of services that would be most beneficial to these groups. It boosts an extensive range of third party services such as innovative payment solutions, blockchain-based lending and factoring, professional insurance and more.

All of this is done for the purpose of fusing cryptocurrencies and banking in order to make a new hybrid. In collaboration with the Komodo Platform, a vision for a new decentralized system was born.

The idea is to make an e-banking application that will be fully compatible with the current banking infrastructure and retain all the positive aspects of cryptocurrencies at the same time.

One of the core ideas of cryptocurrencies is heavily emphasized in Monaize - speed and reliability. It provides you with an instant KYB (Know your business) as you can create a business-current account in under 5 minutes with a smartphone. All you have to do is enter your personal information and company registration information, take a photo of your ID or passport and you will quickly gain instant access to your new current account within the Monaize mobile application.

All of this was made possible by Monaize having access to the latest blockchain technology and we have Komodo to thank for that The Monaize token will be fully compatible with the Komodo Platform and all that comes with it. A decentralized reward distribution through the blockchain is made possible by an automatic Loyalty Reward Distribution (API). The API slithers through the blockchain and makes a list with all public keys and their current holdings. Utilizing this system Monaize will reward token holders. As the idea of Monaize is not anything like the current banking system, an ICO has been announced.

This will allow Monaize to move away from the VC's and retain the desired mind-set. To keep the innovations rolling and to bring in the people who are truly passionate about this while following the before planned strategy the decision for an ICO had been made. A bounty campaign is set to start on November 10th 2017 and will last until December 9th 2017. For this occasion, Monaize has reserved 1% MNZ Tokens from total sold tokens. All of them will be fully distributed among the Monaize bounty participants. The MNZ token will be allocated based on a predetermined amount for each bounty campaign as the total amount of participants is unknown. If you are interested in the most revolutionary concept since the bitcoin and still want to be part of the current banking system Monaize is the right choice for you.

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