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This new platform called Flixxo is unlike other video sharing platforms like YouTube, as it tends to focus on video distribution rather than storing them after which the users get a reward of Flixxo tokens crypto currency. It's based on bittorrent protocol that uses distributed server method for online content. The video owners are the ones to decide the amount of Flixxo their uploads are worth as well as the right percentage that would be shared with the distributors.

The more the videos are shared the more everyone involved earns from them even advertisers will be required to buy content using the same currency before they can upload them, and those willing to watch will have to pay the same currencies to gain access. With Flixxo currency, any content that has multiple authors get to share the generated revenue equally unlike in other cases when only one person collected the payment and shared with the rest. With the content's earnings based on demand, it gets rid of the need for a mediator.

One of the major concerns with this type of content sharing is how appropriate the videos can be. However, the platform has the relevant tools needed to make it safer for people of all age groups by ensuring only good content is posted. The easy to use platform that will also have other amazing features offered token sales to all interested parties in order to give them early access to the currency.


Although the tokens aren't a representation of the company's equity, it gave users the needed head start in order to use the platform. With a fixed price rate and no mining needed, the ICO sale presented a good option for users who have to spend the currency to view videos but can earn in return by sharing the same videos. The currency can be exchanged for others and the whole experience is supposed to be a source of entertainment for users.

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