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GUTS is used in referring to the ticketing platform that employs the blockchain technology in the registration of ownership of smart ticketing, thus ensuring that GUTS ticket fraud is made unfeasible. This meets the objective under Guts to promote the attainment of a self-regulatory platform in the ticketing industry. The security feature is achieved by the fact that once smart tickets have been purchased; they can only be resold with a preset price range, implying that there will be no more disgraceful prices associated with these tickets.

Unique attributes that characterize GUTS

One of the attributes that make GUTS tickets unique is based in the face that they exhibit a live ticketing component with the paying event organizers in Netherlands, provided they have the application. One of the attributes supported and Guts is that all venue holders as well as event organizers will benefit from the ability to securely add the smart ticketing protocol to their tickets without being compelled to possess prior knowledge of smart and crypto contracts.

Transparency among all stakeholders

The second attribute that makes GUT unique is the fact that it offers a ticketing platform that promotes transparency, built upon enthereum block chain which supports Guts vision. The benefits of this are based on the fact that the platform ensures the clients as well as customers from any form of surprise when it comes to the issue of pricing. The blockchain technology along with the benefits it guarantees to the event ticketing industry makes it the ideal addition to any establishment desiring to protect their business and reputation.

The End-User Usability Attribute

GUTS ticketing platforms has become famous due to the ease of its use coupled with the exceptional user experience, supporting the Guts objective. The quality is supported by the fact that the vendors of the platforms issue smart tickets their clients, with topnotch protection against any malicious acts by external forces. Further, through the internal exchange platform, the vendors have ensured the customer can resell their tickets easily. By purchasing a GUTS smart ticket, the vision depicted in Guts is realized as the customer is guaranteed access to event at a fair price considering that the ticket never leaves the protocol.

The Emergence of the GET-Protocol

Overall, the greatest exploitation that is suffered by fans is due to the exorbitant costs that are charged by the secondary ticket market. It is in an effort to address this issue that there has been the introduction of the GET-protocol which has been observed as the ultimate solution to this vice as it is going to foresee the fair ticker prices of for all the clients.

Rationale behind the ICO

One of the prevailing issues relating to the GUTS ticket is on the reason that the company should focus on funding round. This is informed by the fact that GUTS already appears to have a workings smart ticket application, prominent clientele in addition to relevant industry partners that has already purchased and is using the GUTS.

The overall rationale behind the need for ICO however is that other than the commercial as well as technical exploits by the company, there is still the need to introduce fundamental paradigm shift in order to resolve the challenges that have long crippled the ticketing industry. The assertion by GUTS is that the change needed in the ticketing industry demands more than just a company that comes to occupy some share of the already congested ticketing industry. The inclusive and open attribute of the GET-protocol will ensure that the existing clientele is able to add the smart ticketing component to their present pricing strategy.

The Get Protocol


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