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Lunyr can be thought of as a knowledge layer of Ethereum that aims at finding reliable and accurate information hence making it the starting point of the Internet. The users of the site are rewarded with application tokens for simply contributing quality information and also for peer reviewing. They have a long term goal of providing developers with a knowledge based API for them to use in the creation of next generation applications in virtual reality or artificial intelligence or any other technological fields.

Lunyr Tokens

The Lunyr tokens are mainly aincentive system to motivate the users to contribute the much needed information and provide their peer reviews. The tokens are also used to place ads on the platform. The lunyr community is made up of a team which together can do more than just build the project but also come up with a viable business and grow it to great achievements. The team members are from different fields such as entrepreneurship, leadership and even successful advisers.


Information plays a major role in our daily lives as people always seek to find new information or to confirm and prove that which they already have. Most platforms that are visited are the platforms that provide information to the users such as Wikipedia. The most advanced component of the lunyr platform is the advertisement system. The right and the ability to advertise on the platform is bought using the lunyr tokens that were earlier earned by the user from the provision of information and peer review. The platform is mostly compared to Wikipedia despite the difference in both the design of the platform and the vision and agenda of the whole system. The number of visitors on the Wikipedia site are relatively high which would provide a great platform for advertisement were that one of the visions of the platforms as it is for Lunyr.

Lunyr is also decentralized which would make its information much more reliable than the other platforms. The information can only be accessed but not changed and falsified in any way by a third party, this assures accuracy and raises the confidence in the information it can provide. The application tokens are introduced to replace the intermediaries who are a source of inaccurate and unreliable data All these are aimed at raising the confidence of the user in the kind of services provided hence making them come back and increase the readership of the platform.


The vision of the platform is like for any other platform that developers make. These include; -increasing the accuracy of the contents of the system hence making sure to provide only that which is widely sourced for -increasing the number of readership of the platform. This is by increasing the number of users who visit the site at any particular moment. -increasing the content it covers hence making sure it attracts users of all the different kinds of content. -being available to a wider population. This is by translation into various languages hence being able to capture all and sundry. -attracting more developers. This is by the creation of an API that is much liked and used by most of these developers.

The creators of lunyr aim at changing the existing business model and replacing it with a much better one One with real world information that is accurate and reliable at all levels.

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