SONM – The Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining

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Cloud Computing is the use of networks with remote servers that lets users share, manage or store data using within the internet. It dominated the technology computing ever since. But cloud computing appears to be inefficient for some and let the SONM lead the way to decentralized fog networking.

Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining, known as SONM is a system for global operations and a worldwide decentralized fog supercomputer and it is also a network that was based in Ethereum blockchain to distribute a worldwide computing power.

SONM aims to let buyers interact directly with sellers with no need for mediums. It can happen while creating a profitable market for them both through the help of its decentralized open structure system. Unlike Amazon, Google, and other cloud services, SONM Project uses fog computing structure, in which improves efficiency and reduces the amount of data that will be transported for analysis. In other words, SONM wants the users to connect to other devices freely—like Bluetooth. Using the internet, larger data and documents can be computed without a single authority that will regulate computing resources distribution. Running game servers and website hosting will be an easier job too. Through SONM, anyone can possess the power of supercomputers. With this power through SONM, website hosting will cost less and website owners can just collect payments from SONM without the help of other cloud services. It also allows a web application to run in the decentralized network. Rendering video and CGI will be faster and gaming purchases and money will also not be needed in the future.

The Miners' Perks
These miners that desire to make a profit out of their processing power were accommodated by SONM by providing calculations in the real world. The miners will provide then their processing power for the profitable grounds and business ventures and earn their profit afterwards. SONM's intelligent agents can be used to also maximize those profits. Miners can also use SONM in any smart devices. However, cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin can cause some problems for miners when their equipment might be banned and algorithm turn into PoS.

The Client's Perks
• Faster Data Transfer is one of the coolest perks SONM have. Files, videos, and other documents will be uploaded and sent in the internet without taking too much time.
• Tokens as Virtual Asset also creates a sense of safety. Tokens will be used as means of trade and there will literally be no money involved—just computer power and variety of customized tokens.
• Decentralization makes SONM centralized authority-free.
• Cost Efficiency also is one of the perks because using SONM for fogging is less expensive. And there's no need to travel from places to places, no need to pay for the middlemen, and other fees included in cloud services.

The Whitepaper
SONM's Whitepaper is one of the best I've read so far. It's straight to the point and clear with their project agendas. Also, benefits, problems and its solutions are perfectly laid out for the readers to see. AN interest part is the AI part however. "Artificial intelligence is implemented for three main tasks based on various properties and regularities of algorithms and various formal models of their representation. First of all, it is worthwhile to focus on the task that solves the “trust problem” in relation to specific hubs. Methods implementing artificial intelligence, namely, methods of computational AI, such as neural networks and methods of evolutionary computation are capable of contributing to the solution of this problem."
This seems to me that they are really onto something big.

Final verdict
SONM is an interesting project with big ambitions. It targets the biggest industry and I hope that they succeed in making "fog computing" as safe and secured as the cloud networking is.



Hm, is there a significant difference​ with Golem project?

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