"Horse of the week'' (WK25) and contest by @toofasteddie : we should call them "donkeys" instead

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This is the 25th report corresponding to the follow up of the 2018 CRYPTO RACE.

  • After a short survey launched in steemit , 9 ''WINNING HORSES'' were selected for the 2018 CRYPTO RACE (You can see the starting grid in this POST ) .

  • For each horse, 1000 USD has been invested on the 1st of January.

  • I think I am going to change the title of the contest... "Donkey of the Week" does not look inappropriate...

  • This lap TRON has been the best among the worst, having a positive profit of 0.19% in a week is outstanding if we compare with the rest of the market. The second has been RIPPLE with -8.61% and third STELLAR with -14.16%.

  • The worst Horse has been EOS which has lost almost -24%

  • From the initial ''virtual'' Investment of 9000 USD (1000 USD per horse) after 25 weeks we have....4053USD... 700 USD less than last week... what a business man!

  • The OVERALL race is dominated by TRON losing -6% since the initial investment on the 1st of January, followed by EOS (-10.83%). The cue is occupied by CARDANO(ADA) which is now losing -81.5%.

Remember that you can always check the WINNING HORSES PORTFOLIO following this link: https://www.cryptocompare.com/portfolio-public/?id=229404

CONGRATULATIONS TO @libertasurja so the 50% of the SBD of this POSTand Jackpot are coming to you!!!


And now, the main question, Could you bet which horse will perform better during the next 7 days?

Remember that the WINNING HORSES participating at the CRYPTO RACE are:


I will use the calculations of CRYPTOCOMPARE to decide which horse has been the best.

CONTEST REWARDS: The 50% of the SBD earnings of this post will be distributed equally between the winners after 7 days of its publication.


  • In order to participate in the contest you have to upvote the post, Resteem it and put a comment with your bet.
  • Choose only one of the ''Horses'' participating in the Crypto Race (XLM, ADA, BTS, EOS, XRP, IOTA, LTC, TRX, STEEM)
  • Just one vote per contestant is allowed. 

- VERY IMPORTANT: The contest will close in 24h from the publication of the post. Contestants participating later on will not be rewarded. 


*Thanks to @beiker , @bubke , @cryptographic , @iamredbar , @javirid , @snrm and @cryptotem , @matthewwarn , @thezonderproject , @thepassenger , @g-dubs , @cryptotem , @wolfje and @lauriki for helping me while setting the HORSES of the starting Grid




EOS for me this week. I’m ready for the bounce back.

WoW. First time I win sth.
Cardano for this try.

I’m with EOS this week! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 GO GO GO!

Repeating with ADA

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