"Horse of the week'' (WK26) and contest by @toofasteddie : STEEM is the KING!

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This is the 26th report corresponding to the follow up of the 2018 CRYPTO RACE.

  • After a short survey launched in steemit , 9 ''WINNING HORSES'' were selected for the 2018 CRYPTO RACE (You can see the starting grid in this POST ) .

  • For each horse, 1000 USD has been invested on the 1st of January.

  • Undoubtedly STEEM is now the KING of the race!! Almost 35% rise in one day and a half while the rest are crawling.

  • This lap STEEM has been the best horse, having a positive profit of 35% in a week is outstanding if we compare with the rest of the market. The second has been IOTA with 6.27% and third CARDANO with 6.11%.

  • The worst Horse has been TRON which has lost almost -10.4%

  • From the initial ''virtual'' Investment of 9000 USD (1000 USD per horse) after 26 weeks we have....4026USD... 26 USD less than last week... Still a but business man!

  • The OVERALL race is dominated by EOS losing -9.24% since the initial investment on the 1st of January, followed by TRON (-17.89%). The cue is occupied by CARDANO(ADA) which is now losing -80.7%.

Remember that you can always check the WINNING HORSES PORTFOLIO following this link: https://www.cryptocompare.com/portfolio-public/?id=229404

CONGRATULATIONS TO @beiker who has been the only one betting for STEEM this term so the 50% of the SBD of this POSTare coming to you!!!


And now, the main question, Could you bet which horse will perform better during the next 7 days?

Remember that the WINNING HORSES participating at the CRYPTO RACE are:


I will use the calculations of CRYPTOCOMPARE to decide which horse has been the best.

CONTEST REWARDS: The 50% of the SBD earnings of this post will be distributed equally between the winners after 7 days of its publication.


  • In order to participate in the contest you have to upvote the post, Resteem it and put a comment with your bet.
  • Choose only one of the ''Horses'' participating in the Crypto Race (XLM, ADA, BTS, EOS, XRP, IOTA, LTC, TRX, STEEM)
  • Just one vote per contestant is allowed. 

- VERY IMPORTANT: The contest will close in 24h from the publication of the post. Contestants participating later on will not be rewarded. 


*Thanks to @beiker , @bubke , @cryptographic , @iamredbar , @javirid , @snrm and @cryptotem , @matthewwarn , @thezonderproject , @thepassenger , @g-dubs , @cryptotem , @wolfje and @lauriki for helping me while setting the HORSES of the starting Grid



I'm going with Tron this week.

this week my horse is Bitshares

The fucking master of the universe

EOS again this week. Going to keep betting until it hits!!

Lo de Steem esta semana se llama "salvando en el último momento" xD

Felicidades @beiker

Y repito con ADA

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Fue un acto de fe ;)

Aposto por Stellar!