Voting Power Influence - How & When To Stop Part II

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Still for many people Upvoting and Voting Power is still not understood by everyone, especially the new users. In this post I will try to explain it so everyone understands it.

Upvoting is a big part of the game, and it's fun and we like to see our upvotes make a difference. The more powerful your upvotes the more courage rewards you get. I want to use an analogy to explain how it works.

I want to use a boxer as an example.

Vote Influence

As a beginner, you start weak. Your punches do not hit as hard as a professional boxer, and you do not always know when and where to punch, but you keep in mind that if you train more, you get stronger.
Training will make you stronger. To work with your punches and make them harder, you need STEEM POWER. The more STEEM POWER the harder you will hit.

The more STEEM POWER you get, the more influence your upvotes will have and the greater your rewards will be.

MORE STEEM POWER = Greater influence and more rewards


Voting Power

Like any other boxer, you can not keep hitting forever. The first punches are the strongest. They connect with most of your power.

The voting power decreases with each vote, and when you start with 100%, the vote will reduce your power by 2% per vote.

Once you have thrown punches left and right, you begin to drain yourself and you become less efficient with each punch. As you know, nobody can keep hitting and expect to have the same power behind each punch.

As your Voting Power goes down, so does your voting influence. The less Voting Power, the weaker your upvotes.

When a boxer's energy is drained, he eventually stops fighting and recharging. No boxer is fighting every day. They have to rest and after a while they will be able to turn 100% of their power back on.

Your vote will be recharged at a rate of around 20% per day. If you interrupt your voting, it may take some time to recharge to be 100% again.

Boxers will drain too much if they struggle too long and then it will take longer to recover. They must fully regain before the next match, otherwise they will not be punching at 100% of their true potential.

Do not empty your Steem Power to levels below 80%. Your votes will have less effect, the lower your vote will be. Instead, take a break. Enter the post you've been thinking about, and let your vote regenerate to ensure that your voices and rewards have the maximum effect.

The golden rule is 11 vote per day for maximum efficiency. Keep in mind, the more your vote affects an entry, the more you will be rewarded.

Here's how to view your vote:

Thanks to @penguinpablo that have created & latest

That makes it easier for us to view:

  • Real-time updates of all stats
  • See who is upvoting your posts
  • Your latest curation and author rewards
  • A total of today's and yesterday's rewards
  • Know your voting power in real time
  • Display of your reputation with 3 decimals
  • Display of your available Steem, SBD and Steem Power


  • The latest blocks produced by the Steem witnesses.
  • Blockchain properties
  • Reward pool
  • Top 20 witnesses

And more.

Skærmbillede 2018-01-30 kl. 15.36.49.png

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Test your voting power on this comment

You want to know your current voting power?
Just upvote this post and Steemit will show you how worthy it is! :D

:) Thank you for your helpful article! Just started on Steemit and already love it :)

This is my earning You can earn This site??coinbase-app-to-select-send-receive-bitcoin-mobile-app.png

Where's you earned it

haha - that was fun. And I am at 44% voting power. The advice in this post is only for people with very little Steem Power. Everyone else should be voting a LOT. Each 100% vote reduces your voting power by 2%. So your voting power follows a curve, not a straight line. As you vote more, your power goes down less, in absolute value. 2% of $1.00 is less than 2% of $2.50. So if I start at 100% SP, my 40th 100% vote reduces my voting power by a lot less than my 3rd 100% vote.

we just stick to a simple logic - nice, interesting, thoughtful post = upvote

Yes you are right! :) Pretty interesting to understand the technology behind Steemit :D

good idea. Because I am a new user I saw my upvote increased the value by .02. interesting.

thanks for information on steem power work😊

I sometimes bring my voting power down quite a bit. If there is content I like or users I actively follow I don't care so much about my own curation rewards. I would like to keep it above 80% but I mostly range around 50.

Fair enough, always nice to spread some love with everybody

God, I could watch that all day.


Cool, funny

I think exactly the same thing .. I have fallen actually to a little bit below 50% VP, but I believe I will recover in the near future .. for now I wish to give back to the community as I received much support when I first got here.
Nice what you say here..+1

always nice to spread some love with everybody

He never really said how to get more steem power. Can you help me out on that? Also what does the number next to your name mean? Example I'm 25 your 58?

You get more steem power one of two ways:

  1. Automatically once your post matures, you can get 50 or 100% of your earned rewards put directly into your steem power. This will happen promptly after your post has been online for 7 days.
  2. You power up. You can take your SBD earnings, convert them to steem on the market, and then click on "power up" in the dropdown menu next to the amount of steem you have in your wallet. This will move your steem directly to steem power.

I went to something like 30 on my first week here but luckily I learned quickly not to do that again

I still remember getting into this platform 3 months ago (totally newbie & redfish as per stemitboard) and reading your first post about how to upvote..
It did help me a lot, taught me to me noble, patient, to wait and it strongly confirmed my opinion about not over doing any actions on the platform. We have to respect steemit, the way we would respect our friend, our partner.
Thank you for your amazing posts, I am resteeming this for my friends too as a reminder!

p.s. I practice TKD so I could well relate to your 'boxer' example : )

Btw I have also 1. dan in TKD, so you can easily call me kjosanim :-)

"Taekwon Kjosanim"; I am about to go for my half green, minnow there too! :)
We practice WTF ( what is called World TaeKwonDo now)
I hope to continue, there is so much to learn ..
(was thinking of starting a serious of blog posts about it, we'll see...)
Thank you so much for replying, I highly appreciate it!

Oh okay :-) My pleasure.

I try to limit my voting because I’m so new but I see a lot of good content with very little attention so I can’t help myself but vote 🙊, even if my vote barely counts. I think encouragement for beginners is important for the platform as a whole. At least people like me (who make very little $ in the beginning) feel like their stuff is being seen.

Amazing work... I remember when I joined this platform on November of 2017 when I struggle to understand all this. This is very helpful to the newbies.

Thank you!

Thanks for your upvote, hope you visit my page and help me understand how to improve and get more upvotes.. Really appreciate your help.

This is my 2nd day on steemit. Your post helped out a lot, I was worried that I overdid on my voting. looked up my voting power from the link above. Still trying to figure it out but I cant help up-voting when I receive a comment on my posts/ reply's . Have to share the love and will keep doing that. Thank you for the help info. It makes a Hugh difference

Great! you are like me. This is my third day. Just trying to learn!

Thanks for sharing. I really like your example, using the boxer. With that it's more easy to understand. I'm still a new user on steemit and I'm still finding it hard to understand how everything here works. But thanks to posts like yours and also from many other helpful steemit users, new users like me don't feel left behind. Keep up the good work.

My pleasure.

This is really helpful, especially for new users like me. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

My pleasure

Hi tradewonk,

thanks for the explanation. Helped me a lot. I have a question also:
Since I'm fairly new and have less steem power, it looks to me that sometimes I vote (even when I have 100%) the reward for the author seems to drop. Gave me the feeling that an upvote from me doesn't help the author at all.

So should I even upvote as long as my steempower is this low?

Yea i can see you have less than 1 steem power, that's almost nothing, and that's why your steem power have almost no affect. You can upvote to show your support. For people who upvotes or comment will also get a part of the post reward.

This was extremely helpful. I have always had a hard time grasping voting power. Thank you for this wonderful explanation

Thank you, it's very useful !

My pleasure

I enjoyed this post so i liked it with my puny punches vote:)

Thanks for the post, if I'm a newbie and I want to get my reputation score up quickly, do you recommend purchasing some STEEM and powering up? Trying to figure out if the ROI is worth it to purchase and power up some! Also, followed/upvoted!

If you want to invest in steem, then Yes i recommend to power up, that’s what i have done.

Thanks for the quick reply! I was thinking that was a good strategic move but there's a lot of moving parts to learn when you're starting here!

thanks for the insight. a lot to learn daily here in steemit which is why i so much love steemit as i declared in my post. keep it up and thanks for sharing

I had doubts about this. Thanks too much for this post, I can get it now!!

every time I read about steemit I learn something new its like never-ending journey

My voting power is at 77.68%. I upvoted your post anyway 😜

Thanks buddy!

I learned the hard way on how to handle the voting power. I like to use the voting power now to reward comments instead of spending it more on curating. I wish more commentors received upvotes as it seems to help everyone.

Thanks @tradewonk ... One doubt, many told me that it is better to vote on any post within 30 min of posting. It generate good curation. Is it true? also, If i use bit vote, some one told me. the early you will get the bot vote the more beneficial it is.....please help...

It might be, i'm not 100% sure, but i know that if your voting power is $5 and you upvote a post with 100%, and if the post already had some upvotes then your vote will be more worth than $5.

So i believe there is no time constraint in voting....

How does the vote before 30 minutes work?
I read somewhere that you do not get curation reward in that case is this right?

What do you mean exactly before 30 minutes ?

the first 30min after posting
is there any penalty? u get less from the vote?

No i'm quite sure there is isn't any difference before or after 30 min.

I sometimes get a confusion with voting power. Because I do not have much experience on voting power.

Then i hope this explanation will help :-)

Explaining I will know about this.

Thank you for the information, i wouldnt of had understood it in that way .Keep doing what you doing 👊will be sure to follow your posts to keep learning

@tradewonk this is the exact information I was looking for. Now I am not upvoting to get back my voting power. So I resteemed instead. And yes upvoting is addicting. I love the fact I cam make an impact on some level.

I’m glad that it helped you.

Great Post got a new bookmark saved to check what my vp is at.

it may seem to be very simple to steemians who have been here a year or more, but to newbies, this post is really important. So,thanks alot for posting this!

What about exceeding bandwidth limit which is constant here with me and even when I just want to claim a reward or upvote a post. I know I have posted a few videos on Dtube, but isn't this expected when you have such a platform for sharing videos online? And what are the limits for videos? When does the bandwidth cycle starts and how many KB is each one allowed? Does it have to do with the 'Reputation' rank?

I so very appreciate your analogy to boxing. I am 70 years old and grew up with a rotary dial telephone, a radio, and a black and white TV that used vacuum tubes. Quite frankly, with computer-age technology and having just joined steemit I feel somewhat overwhelmed! I am going to take a little time before I attempt my introductory post. Thank you for your clear and simple explanation of how Steem Power works.

I hope you don't mind, but I am testing out for the first time on how to put images into my post in my comments to you.
Thank You Spanish.jpg

Thank you for this post! So much useful information here. I'm brand new to this platform and it's been taking some time to get to know what what is in here! Now i know a little bit more than i did a minute ago. :D

Nice! This is just what I need after starting yesterday. I had no idea how voting worked but I do now. Thanks!

@steve07, I am in the same boat :)! Thanks @tradewonk, really good info for my first week!

I must have been throwing empty punches these while and always drained without much power (rewards). Now, I know better.

Thanks @tradewonk for informing and educating me with this timeous post.

I am new to this, but I feel that having read this publication was perfect for me, excellent work

Can anyone explain to me why when I buy steem power delegation amount getting less its always 15 steem power even if I buy power

Thanks for this informative article. Much appreciated. Is it the case that you need a minimum amount of steel power for your vote to count, I'm sure I read that somewhere. I don't see a power meter appearing anywhere and i think it may be related to the small amount of steel power that I currently have. any help appreciated from you or your followers. I'm following you all the way from sunny Wales (with some Irish blood. Cheers!

Any explanation of the"you have received an x% upvote" posts too. What does the percentage bit much to learn!

Hi all friends My earning You can Earn Bitcoin ???

Thanks for the post.

Very good explanation i think i get it now.

I don't have voting power. How can I get more upvotes without investing? I have posted few blogs but have not received upvotes. Though it has been only few days. But I want to learn the right way so I can keep posting blog and help community. How can I reach out to the community?

Thanks for the article, it all makes sense now.this is all new for me and thanks for making it easy to understand.

Wonderful analogy. I would like to add a few more.

Punch cautiously, see where you're hitting at (content of the post)

Pick your battles cautiously , fight in your category to build a long term relationship (if you mostly blog about travel and photography, there's no point commenting on blogs that talk about high end technology and coding)

I've seen newbies lying flat out in the ring(VP less than 50) and yet punching left right and center

Steemit becomes more fascinating to me everyday, as I keep discovering the depth of this invention. It excites me more than any other app right now.
Thanks for making me understand the upvote more clearly!

Great post thank you!

Great read. Thank you. I see a lot of effort went into this

Thanks. From a newbie

You got a 15.77% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @tradewonk!

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Thanks for sharing it , I am new to steemit . I did not know how stuffs work here . Thanks to your post i got some idea .

thank you

I keep getting a message saying something about my steem power running out and I need to power up or something but I haven't been commenting or upvoting very much :/ yesterday I came on and I hadn't done anything for two days and it wouldn't let me leave a comment :( does anybody else have this problem or know what is going on? Thanks for the post and thanks in advance for info on my problem :D

I learned the hard way on how to handle the voting power. I like to use the voting power now to reward comments instead of spending it more on curating. I wish more commentors received upvotes as it seems to help everyone.

Thank you for writing this up as it’s been a mystery to me how voting power works...great clarification by using the boxer analogy.

This really helps, thanks for putting it into "layman's terms".

now it start to make sense on voting power, I appreciate your post

So most of my votes are useless?

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This helped me understand it a lot better as I am new to steem. Thank you so much!!

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Huge thanks! It's very helpful guides for newbies like me

Thank you I like how you explained this.

I am new to this and your post has really helped to answer some of the questions that I have. I am really liking that everyone seems so willing to help those of us that are new.

Thanks for giving a new user like myself a chance to understand how steemit works in this regard.

What source does the $ evaluation use to calculate the current value of each contribution?

Very usefull, I must have been giving too votes (about 18 in a day), I'll take care of this from now.

Thanks for helping the steem community with this information

Thanks for the advice. The boxing analogy explains things on a simpler level. From now on, no voting on random posts just because people request me to. With more power, comes more responsibility.

Thanks for this post

this is so helpful, thanks alot

Good write up... Gained a lot of understanding and will use my voting power only after checking the link...

Oh wow, just checked, apparently I'm down to 36%. Take an upvote anyway!

But yeah my top coins are

Interesting list. I can't wait to see the end of 2018 stats

Makes sense. Keep fighting. Steem on!!!

PERFECT explanation! Thank you so much! :)

This was very helpful thank you

oooooooookay now it all makes sense... i heard that the votes recharged in about a day. and now i understand why its all 0.0 hahahahaha

Damn i totally did not know these simple rules! I wish i had!

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