BROsino Update : The #1 STEEM Faucet's New Features


New Features

Today we introduced Auto-Mode for Slots games at The #1 STEEM Faucet so you can now set it and forget it!


Personally I prefer to pull that digital lever repeatedly, but I know some people enjoy just sitting back and earning Free STEEM while their computer does all the work. So if that's what you're into, just click the Auto button under the Slots game and you're off.

Auto-Mode Features

  • Change bet on loss
  • Change bet on win
  • Game limit
  • Loss limit
  • Win limit
  • Stop if balance is below
  • Stop if balance is above
  • Net amount won tracker

Other Updates

  • Slots game page redesigned
  • Mobile version improved
  • Numeric slug URL now a string for Sponsors (e.g. ../newsteem-slots)

Bonus Credits

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Oh, I noticed that on the dice game today. Handy to know it's on the slots also.

Nice to see constant improvements and additions! @tipu curate

The attention to detail you guys have is so professional and makes every single BIT of the BROsino fun!! Thank you for all your hard work!