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  1. Join TBC at if you haven't
    previously. (Use a gmail account if you can)

Create TBC wallet if you don't have one at
Use SAME email address as you used in step 1.
If you already have one you can use that. The system will
recognize your wallet from your email address.

  1. Click here -
    Follow simple instructions here.
    You will be sent a confirmation email to verify your account
    Check spam folder if message does not arrive.

  2. Check the wallet and you will find your money there!
    The watch this grow 2-5% daily.. You will be a millionaire very shortly!!

  1. You can log into your Kringle cash back office here -
    to find your own personal link so you can share this FREE gift with your friends and family!
    Your own link is as below. Just put your own id in ID. You can also use a shortener such as

  2. Read the main education blog at

Also checkout this video -

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