Where's the Love?

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Hey. Usually, I post on topics that I hope you find informative or interesting. This time, I won't.

Last Friday, I posted an article on my blog about Bakkt. That weekend, Altcoin Magazine and Hacker Noon both picked it up and a few people re-tweeted it. Traffic on my website exploded.

This past week, for the first time, I noticed influencers and other online personalities shared similar my words and thoughts. These people are not famous but they're far better known than I am.

Then, a few days ago, I posted my thoughts about the U.S. government's settlement with Block.one.

Again, I noticed some of my content echoed around the cryptosphere (under somebody else's name).

Maybe a coincidence, I don’t know, but before I posted, I didn’t see anybody talking about things the way I talked about them. After I posted, I saw people talking about things the way I talked about them.

We are one

I don't have a monopoly on perspective, so I'm not saying anybody used my ideas or borrowed my words. I'm also happy others share a similar viewpoint, and I'm super-stoked that people like my writing.

But, if you do use my ideas or borrow my words, can you please give me a little credit for it? Maybe mention my name? Link to my website or say something about my book, Consensusland?

Better yet, let’s connect---drop me an email or DM me. I'm happy to make an acquaintance!

I have a very small voice in this industry and I make no money from this blog. If you like the work that I’m doing I would love if you could help me make my voice heard. We're all in this together.

Thank you. Relax and enjoy the ride!

Mark Helfman is author of Consensusland, a Readers’ Favorite 5-star book about a country that runs on cryptocurrency. You can also catch him on Medium. He publishes every Friday.

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do not cry :-) I really like your posts and I guess you are building an audience... Just if you see your writings copied leave a comment with your original post, that might bring awareness

Ah good idea. Thank you for the support! Means so much to me.

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Hey @vdux, I just wanted to let you know since you chose @socialbot as one of your delegations, @azizbd said he has plans to stop the service (I'm not sure when). I don't know exactly why, but I didn't want you to be left hanging since I recommended the delegation! So sorry. :( I really liked the do-good-and-still-earn aspect of it.

Oh shame. I’ll keep the delegation until the end. Happy to support. Who should I delegate to instead?

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@canna-collective will also give you a daily payout in return for a delegation; others that I know give upvotes, which isn't as beneficial to you if you're doing it because you are not as active on Steem right now. I will see if I can think of more. :)

Oh thanks. Yes, please keep suggesting good causes, esp people doing things to improve Steem ecosystem or promoting acts of loving kindness.

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