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RE: Facebook's 'Libra' Coin: Corporate Ripoff of The Steem Blockchain? FB's Crypto Ad Ban Looks All the More Suspicious!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and although I've heard of FBs new crypto adventures ive not done too much digging yet.

The worst part is, the general public will fall in line for a FB coin, but have been anti-crypto!! It blows my mind. I just goes to prove that most of the sheeple are already brainwashed.


People have a history of choosing convenience over the full truth - but at least with the internet we have a chance of this being part of a wider process of enlightenment and increased understanding within the collective. I suggest learning about the class action lawsuit that is ongoing in relation to all of this.

On the bright side, they will start to understand it and have a way to trade libra for steem... 🤗🙏

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That's very true. 🤔

It is fascinating to see what might happen. My husband grunted at me as i was talking about it this morning as i was musing on the changing order: 'same bloody order. They are still getting you to buy stuff'. Never truer words.

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