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RE: Jamie Dimon is wrong, and he knows it

in #cryptocurrency4 years ago

People on top like to remain on top, they never want to be replaced, Bitcoin is making another bigger world out of banks, this is a treat to his business and he sounds like a beaten dog. Governments will really treaten BTC but it is here to stay, they can't stop it.


nice to see you here on trending! yeah bitcoin is autonomous, people rise up out of the grassroots and become bitcoin dealers, and people are able to make money mining it so theres always a way to create fresh bitcoin if you just make the investment in the mining equipment, we just nmeed more Biuutcoin ocntent!

Bitcoin will reach the masses like everything these das! Social media! and steemit doesnt have the users yet we will need to keep using instagram etc

i realize i can find SO MANY people wanting to gfet into the bitcoin world by justy using Instaghram!

we should crteate a massive campaign to promote Bitcoin on instagram, because when i promote steemit on IG i always promote bitcoin too and i notice that the bitcoin posts seem to get even moreattentioon than the steemit posts which is obvious as theres more people into bitcoin than steemit but can u imagine getting that chunk of the bitcoin market??? on instagram??? we could pull in SO MANY people if we jsut created a simple website or app that helped someone get started with crypto using a Ch3cklist where we go down a list and get people a bitcoin wallet we get them on an exchange we getthem on steemit and we can also make an App that just goes down a list and teaches people how to use bitcoin and how to make money with this stuff, man just imagine a super user friendly app that just teaches people about crypto.....maybe videos would work better

but yeah Bitcoin media is gonna be HUGE

peopel will need WAY more bitcoin related media! we just need Bitcoin youtube channels! a LOT of them! never enough !

Lets create a Youtube channel JUST for bitcoin and one just for steemit! or do on for steemit and bitcoin maybe just yeah make it so the two are linked cant have one without the other, just lets make a CRFYPTO channel yes for youtube! use steemit to grow it, we can do daily uploads man we need a youtube channel! if jake paul can do it so can we!