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A Congress member, at the last congressional hearings, made some strong statements about crypto. He said that crypto payments and mining should be banned. Crypto enthusiasts reacted. It's nearly humorous that he considers crypto to be only used for criminal intent. Perhaps someone should show him how it is becoming widely used in Japan in restaurants, gas stations, and more. Interestingly, he happens to get donations from a credit card processing company. That seems like a potential conflict of interest for sure considering his overly harsh statements.

In general, the Congress members were erring on the side of being slightly optimistic or at least taking a hands off approach. Some seem to realize that "cash" eventually is going to be a way of the past.

Part of the problem is many lawmakers have such an ego that they can't actually listen and try to hear or understand what this market actually is and how game changing it is.
Check out this article regarding what i am talking about in my post.


Politicians and their doom gloom and misinformed

i Agree sir

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