BitConnect scam + what with CryptoNick, Trevon James?!

Bitconnect is over, it's closed. The scam is finally revealed... But what will happen now with the money of the people who invested in it? And what with YouTubers as cryptonick and Trevon James who made Bitconnect big and to the size as it was? Trevon and Nick KNEW that Bitconnect was not sustainable or even that it was a scam, but they kept promoting because they both became multi-millionaire from it with the referral code.

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There will be lawsuits and clawbacks.

If they can't go after the Bitconnect founders, the disgruntled affiliates will probably go after the major promoters like CryptoNick and Treyvon. It's only a matter of time.

If I were one of those Bitconnect Youtube promoters, I'd be leaving the USA before the authorities get on the move.

I found this video on YouTube and immediately wondered if you were on Steemit, I was happy to see the link and am now following you here! I know you had to deal with a lot of ugly drama for your video trying to warn people awhile ago that that Bitconnect with a scam, and I have serious respect for you trying to stick to it and telling it like it is. This is a crappy situation for so many reasons. I tend to watch videos from Trevon, CryptoNick, Sunny Decree, you, a bunch of others, in order to get a wide range of opinions and understand what a lot of the bigger names in the blogging and vlogging space are telling their viewers, and I wanted to let you know that I appreciate your perspectives and enjoy watching your videos. Thanks for doing what you do.

Hi Quinten, I just responded to this video on YouTube. Love your content, please keep the valuable knowledge coming.

All you had to do was use Bitconnects official payout data in a compound interest calculator to know it was mathematically 100% a scam from the get go.
All you had to do was understand that Trevon James is an idiot that is constantly lying and is only out to milk his followers for his own profit (if you watch his actions leading up to the BCC collapse it is obvious he knew the exit scam was about to happen before it did...oh and PS his "111 BTC hack" was a complete lie).
All you had to do was understand that Craig Grant is also an idiot and is a know scammer who was tied to a 20/20 investigation into Nigerian scammers which Craig and his now-girlfriend were working with (and again if you look at Craigs actions leading up to the BCC collapse it is obvious he was in the know and knew the exit scam was about to be initiated)
All you had to do was understand that Crypto Nick is also an idiot who bragged about making 90% of his crypto profits off the backs of his followers (via referrals) and is so uneducated about the crypto space that he didn't even know what a public key is (... how you can 1 minute say you made 1mil in the crypto space, and then follow that up talking about how you don't know what a public key is... is truly beyond me).

People need to stop taking shortcuts (to good to be true scam), and stop following people that have an IQ of literally fuckin 45 (Trevon, Craig, Nick...) and instead focus on projects with amazing teams, amazing tech, amazing roadmaps, amazing ideas, and the ability to weather the storm for the the long.

How can a blockchain be a scam...if bitconnect is close then just let it be, don’t keep posting what is everyone is saying again and again. Focus on your own things.

I think it's important to talk about is, so similar platforms won't get this popular in the futre.

Nice article

How I hate these BS-tubers.

Follow you long time already in YT, thanks for all the value u give there. Wish u all the best.

Let´s hope they get what they deserve..